Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Things I've left behind (photo-heavy)

Part of thrifting is knowing what to leave behind.  I love to thrift - but sometimes I'll hit a thrift store, just to see what novelties I can find.  Sometimes I'll find things that (used to) fetch a pretty penny on eBay.  I don't sell on eBay anymore, but I still like to photograph vintage I items I could have sold.

Witness...things I've left behind....

If this fella could talk, oh the stories he would tell!!

Vintage Pyrex in the wild!!!


OK, this orange Pyrex came home with me....it's the perfect thing to hold Halloween treats!!

I check for cooties before I try hats on.
The tpurse (which was from South America) came home with me.

The dapper, grey hat came home with me.  The purse did not.

These pictures were taken last fall...which gave me enough time to put these items out for Christmas.  I love decorating with glass and milk-glass in the winter.

The prices were pretty reasonable, considering the sky-high prices that Value Village is charging lately. 

I'm obsessed with this planter.  It now resides next to my TV, it holds the remotes.

This is my selfie at the mall.  I was volunteering for the Christmas Kettle Campaign.  I wanted to make sure that I was warm, as I was working in a drafty vestibule. The red tuque says "Nice" on one side, and "Naughty" on the other.  The powder-blue wool coat is a Sally Ann find.

This is the view from my workplace 3 weeks ago.  Since then I've switched jobs.  I had to leave this view behind.

Isn't the sky beautiful?

The sunshine streaming through a crystal display at the Sally Ann.  They seem to have a lot of vintage, lead crystal!!

A snuggly, Hudson's Bay blanket that I snaffled for $35!!!  I'm giving this cozy, wool blanket a bath.  It's a 4 point blanket!!

I was loathe to leave these bovine beauties behind.  They were in immaculate condition, and priced at $3.99 for the set, they would have fetched a nice profit online.

I hope this 1970s, chalkware trio went to a good home!!

This coat was GORGEOUS!!  Soft red wool with black trim.  It was vintage, and made in France.

Ugh, it was 50% off.  I hope someone snapped it up for $7.50.

This is me wearing one of the 3 Adidas jackets I snagged this year.  I look a little sleepy.  Note to self, take more naps!!

Blingy Butt!!  These ridiculous jeans were bejewelled and studded to a ridiculous degree (hee, hee, Goody, were these the jeans you saw?).  Sadly my lardy behind couldn't squeeze into them - otherwise I'd treat you to a picture of them on.

Frilled and bejewelled, velvet purse.  
' Nuff said.

This vintage Fire-King came home with me.

This Midwinter stayed at the thrift store...there is something about that blossom that frightens me.  For $3.99, it was a steal (hee, hee, steel magnolia).

This little Wade dish came home with me.

I'm amassing a collection of vintage patterns!!

I didn't collect this one!!  It gave me the heebie-geebies just looking at it!!

What would you have left behind?
What would you have brought home?

Dashboard view of my drive along the highway, 2 weeks ago.

happy thrifting ;)

Sunday, 3 April 2016

What does $100 buy at a thrift store?

Good day fellow bloggers and blog readers!! Well, winter keeps shoving it's nasty, frozen self into our faces.  One week we're tantalized by temperatures hovering just south of freezing.  Then without warning, howling, sub-zero winds blast through the city, driving any thought of summer dresses and sandals out the window.

Thank goodness I have a lot of cute hats!!  My favorite pom-pom tuque is practically welded to my head.

I haven't been very active on this blog as driving kids to sports, working several jobs, and trying to stay on top of the laundry takes it's toll.  In fact, I think the laundry is secretly breeding at night.  :)  In the war of ThriftyParka vs. the laundry - the laundry is winning.

It doesn't help that I have several piles of spring clothing scattered about....just in case the weather warms up!!!   Nevermind, at least we're enjoying more sun with Daylight Savings Time.

In the past month or so, I've found some jems at various thrift stores.  The prices ranged from $1.99 to $9.99 (before taxes).  I thought I'd showcase what $100 buys at Salvation Army and Value Village.

I was thrilled to find this Midwinter, tiered-plate stand for $4.99.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a Midwinter exhibit at the Denver Art Museum last year.  I've been picking this stuff up in thrift stores for years.  

This was the most expensive item at $9.99.  It's a vintage, Canadian-made, Mastercraft purse.  Ooooh, it's lovely!!!  The previous owner used it very carefully - it's in excellent condition.  Expect to see this purse a lot in the future!!

This purse even got a thumbs-up from my most discerning critic....so ya gotta know it's stylish!!

A selection of blouses were $2-$3 each (they were 50% off).

The clerk mentioned she put this flowered tunic out only a few minutes before I picked it off the rack.  

This Mister Leonard blouse broke my heart. Turns out there is a rip that requires mending.  Drat!  I can't wear it right away!!

...only to be redeemed by this brand-spanking new AE shirt.  Most Discerning Critic will snap up this shirt, once it emerges from the dreaded laundry!!!

A little rant.  Dear Value Village, you're prices are becoming exhorbinant!!  $14.99 for a dress??

Luckily, this 90's rayon number was $7.99.

It pays to shop around.  The Salvation Army is definitely cheaper than Value Village.  These dainty, crystal glasses were 50 cents each (and that is in Canadian currency folks!!).

Who can resist vintage sewing patterns?
Especially when they are two for $1.99.

Intricate inlaid music box, $5.  

Shop your thrift store before setting foot in a craft store. The bag on the left has seven crochet hooks for $2.99.

The bag on the right has two circular knitting needles for $2.99.  Time to start knitting more tuques!!

Ah, jewels and baubles!!  Prices ranged from $1.99 to $4.99.

I couldn't resist this trio of Christmas ladies.  They still had the "Giftcraft Japan" sticker on them.  A tad pricey at $4.99 each - they will grace my entertainment centre year-round.

Last but not least, a Fire-King sugar bowl and a fine china creamer and sugar.  I need more sugar and cream sets like a hole in the head.  But this set made it's way into my shopping basket by virtue of having the flowers for the Canadian provinces and territories.  Educational and functional!!

What will $100 buy at your thrift stores?

happy thrifting ;)