Thursday, 4 April 2013

What I did over the Easter weekend

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend.  I really enjoy this long weekend.  It signals that warmer weather is on its way.  In Canada, almost every month has a long weekend.  A few years ago, the Ontario government created "Family Day", which gives us a long weekend in February.  Prior to that, it was a loooong stretch without holidays between New Years and Easter.  The next long weekend will be Victoria Day in May.  Yup, sometimes government is a good thing.

I spent most of the Easter weekend lazing around with my stylist, my boyfriend and his offspring.  Our Easter dinner was chicken wings, quesadillas, nachos and salad.  Traditional, eh?

I volunteer with a local community centre.  We host Easter Egg hunts for the local kids.  On Thursday my stylist and I helped stuff around 400 plastic eggs with treats.  On Friday we frosted about 300 cupcakes.  Later we had the Easter Egg hunt (note the snow next to the field).

No Easter Eggs were harmed during the production of this blog

Tote bag from thrifted fabric

Over the weekend, my stylist acquired her second American Girl doll.  Her name is Julie Allright.  I hunted through my fabric stash to find material to make a tote bag for her two dolls.  The tote bag has little "seatbelts" inside, so that the two dolls can sit facing each other.  Wow, I can't believe I'm sewing for inanimate objects now.  Listen up people, motherhood makes you do strange things.

Tote bag sewn from thrifted fabric.

I really like this fabric.  I purchased 2 metres of it during a 50% sale at Value Village.  The cost was $5.  It's white, with a squiggly red and oxblood design.  The material appears to have water repellant finish.  Hmmmm, I think I'll make a tote bag for myself next.

What I would have worn if the weather had co-operated

I usually spend an hour or two on Sundays laying out my clothes for the upcoming week.  Unfortunately, I couldn't wear the outfits I picked out because the weather was too cold.  Here are the accessories I would have worn if it was warmer.

Bubble necklace and neon earrings Joe Fresh.
This necklace is a knock-off of the Banana Republic and J Crew bubble necklaces from last year.    When I saw these necklaces on the J Crew site, I craved them.  But financial sensibilities prevailed.  This necklace was $14, I think the 3 pack of earrings was $14 too.

Rhinestone heart necklace and earrings. $2 each at Claires.

Thrifted paua shell earrings $2, taxi-cab yellow necklace $5 Bianca Nygard.
I really like the jewelery at Bianca Nygard.  Their necklaces average about $30-$45, and their earrings average about $8-$20.  Their jewelery is higher quality than other fashion brands, and they reproduce runway looks at a fraction of the cost. Plus they have killer, end-of-season sales.  This necklace was marked down from $30 to $5.  I haunt the clearance jewelery rack at Bianca Nygard.


The green choker is another $5 clearance item. The Betsey Johnson earrings were $3 (ebay), the green flower ring (Icing, $8) and green beetle bug (estate sale, 50 cents).

Thanks for popping by.

Stay thrifty.

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