Saturday, 11 June 2016

Crystal decanters, oodles of handbags and stuff

Hello everyone!  I've been tardy with this post.  Life, as usual, interrupts the most well-planned schedule.  In the past 3 months there has been a job change, several unexpected hospital visits, numerous medical appointments, a large number of shiny, distracting items and piles of winter clothing to sort through and pack away.

Our weather went from cold (with a dusting of light snow in MAY!) to double-digit hot (requiring floaty sun dresses), then back to cold and damp and foggy.  Today we are blessed with sunshine, warm weather....and gale force winds... which whip long hair and dust into one's face.

We have been getting copious amounts of rain.  Which is good, as there were terrible forest fires in Alberta.  I just wish the sun would shine long enough to that I could whip out and cut the grass.

I have treated myself to several, calming visits to thrift stores. Our city has the best thrift stores I have seen.  But since I am actively trying to de-clutter and organize...I will leave lots of things I like behind. 

Witness these lovely tidbits.

Ugh, it hurt to leave this scrummy blue crystal decanter set behind...but I just don't have the space for it.  I find loads of these vintage sets.  Usually they are in mint condition, but missing one glass.

$25 at the Salvation Army.

This cute wicker purse almost came home with me.  I justified buying it because it's cute...and it's cute!  Basically, if it's cute enough I can persuade myself to buy it.

But then I thought of all the wicker purses I have, and I put it back. 

Being all grown-up sucks, doesn't it?

Did I mention that eye-catching lining in this purse??? This purse was $4 at the Salvation Army.

Lookit these gorgeous boots!!

They're vintage...made in Canada!

Genuine leather!!

I would pair these with shorts over leggings, or a broom-stick skirt, or a 90's grungy dress.

I hope these beauties found a good home!

More crystal...I can't stop finding this stuff!

 Loads of decorative plates.

Aha!  What do I spot here!!!

I felt duty-bound to bring this vintage purse home.  
It's stunning!  The pics do not do justice to the precise piecing of the asymetrical strips, nor do they do justice to the even stitching or the construction.

I have a rule that when I fine something perfect (and I really want it), it comes home with me.  Done and done!

Here are some random pictures I took on a walk close to my (new) workplace.  Isn't they sky gorgeous?

That is one of our city's heritage buildings off in the distance.  Someday I'll try to get a pic of the stone carvings near the top of the building.

Outfit post!

When the weather is kind of unpredictable (and windy), I favour maxi skirts, a jacket and scarf (for warmth) and my ever-present large handbag (containing no less then FOUR packets of wet wipes...because I'm prepared for any type of mess!).

I particularly like this maxi dress.  It has a halter top, and the print has one of my favorite color-combinations, which is black and blue.

What have you found lately?

happy thrifting ;)


  1. The print on your maxi is fab and I loved the glimpse of your town, too.
    Those boots were lovely, did you get them? x

  2. I hope you're feeling better.
    Thrift stores ARE therapeutic, therefore you MUST shop. It is for your well being.

  3. I hope you're feeling better.
    Thrift stores ARE therapeutic, therefore you MUST shop. It is for your well being.