Sunday, 29 January 2017

Organizing Thrifty

Happy Chinese New Year, ya'll!

The new year is traditionally a time where consumers sort out their belongings, and purchase high-priced organizing solutions.

I choose not to over-spend on storage solutions.  If I wait long enough, I'll find what I need at a second-hand store.

I have lots of clothes.  

And don't get me started on my purse collection! 

I used to store my overflow clothing in these plastic drawers.

$20 on sale at Walmart.

A few weeks ago, I found this fabulous wardrobe from Habitat for Humanity Restore.  All the contents from the plastic drawers fit into one of the drawers.  I have room to grow, hurrah!

Vintage Lane Wardrobe, $100

Did I mention that I have a plethora of purses?  I store them in suitcases.

This suitcase is a metal steamer trunk.

Aren't these leather handbags fabulous?

The remaining purses went in this suitcase.

Now I need to sort out my boot socks and my tights.

My overflow scarves went into a thrifted basket.

Here is a picture of my storage.  Items I use everyday are in easy reach.  Other items are stored up, and out of the way.  I hope you like the way it looks.  It's nice to have things organized in an interesting, eclectic way.  

The steamer truck was thrifted for $40. The suitcases and basket were thrifted for $6 each. The wardrobe was $100.

Be careful when purchasing furniture and suitcases.  Bedbugs can lurk in dark corners.

Other thrifted finds include this nice selection of china.

Royal Albert, fine bone china for a few dollars each, hurrah!

Crystal glasses for $1 each.

Vintage expo67 Canada Day ashtray for $4

Selection of CDs, DVDs, Toby mug and earrings.

Even though my jewellery collection has taken over several cupboards and the top of my dresser.  I had been eyeing these earrings above for weeks.

I bought the earrings, and a few other treasures very cheaply.  The Loft crystal necklace, crystal heart necklace, zipper necklace and cloisonee clamper bracelet came home with me for $3 each.

This month I knitted several infinity scarves.  You can loop the scarf several times around your face and neck to keep out the cold.

One friend kindly commented that the scarves I made are nice enough to be sold!  Well, perhaps I will while my time away knitting for profit once I complete more urgent projects ...hah!

Happy organizing everyone! I hope you all enjoy a happy and prosperous 2017!!  Cock-a-doodle-doo!!

happy thrifting ;)


  1. I love reading about organizing, as like you, I have so many (some might say too many) clothes and I have an abundance of purses too. I'm currently thinking about a storage solution for the purses but, although I like old suitcases, I've run out of space for those too. May I say that I absolutely adore that wardrobe. It's gorgeous! xxx

    1. Hello! Isn't the wardrobe beautiful? I gasped when I saw it. And then I bee-lined over to inspect it. I was so worried that someone would swoop in and buy it that I sent my darling bf to the cashier to arrange for payment while I stood protectively in front of it.

      Happy thrifting ;)

  2. I think you have your storage needs nailed there! Those vintage suitcases look fab all piled up on top of that lovely wardrobe, and those costume jewellery finds are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I have far too much jewellery. But I couldn't resist these treasures. I do enjoy the look of piles of suitcases. It's a special treat when I find one made in Canada.

      Happy thrifting ;)

  3. I love the blog post, and you helped me make such a fun card with it!