Sunday, 19 May 2013

How much did you pay for your outfit? May outfits.

May has been a strange month.  What with the snow, followed by a few days of sunshine, followed by snow, followed by a few days of sunshine.  It's getting so that I'm travelling with an extra parka and boots, just in case the temperature drops and it snows, again.

FYI, my body is totally mixed up.  I keep feeling like it's November, and I should be putting up jars of canned goods.  :)

Most of the thrift finds in this post came from the Salvation Army.  There are also some killer deals from Ardene and Kohls.

Here we have a couple of pics of me on a snowy day.  My darling bf took these pictures after I came home from work.

Snow in May!!

Funny closed-eye pic!
The outfit I'm wearing is almost entirely second hand.  The checked wool coat is American Eagle ($10), Ralph Lauren cable-knit cardi ($5, half price sweater day!), Jones tuxedo shirt (I forget), and Eddie Bauer cordorouy skirt (about $5).  The tights were on sale at Shoppers for $4, and the fabulous booties (which you can't see very well, came from Norstrom Rack for about $70.  I knit the stripey hat from clearance yarn, so it was about $2.  If you don't include the booties, my outfit cost about $30.

Here I am, last week at the movies with my fabulous stylist (she wanted everyone to know that she is really my daughter ;).  It was kind of windy, so I wore one of my favorite thrift finds..a vintage, wool, sweater coat with a hood and bell sleeves.  I love this coat.  It's made in Canada, and I found it in MINT condition for $7.

We saw Iron Man 3, which I give 2 thumbs up!!

Dress for the weather, people!

Sweater coat, oversized cotton sweater, yellow denim capris, studded ballet flats and a mommy tote.
Sweater coat $7, oversized cotton sweater $5, yellow denim capris $10.  All these items were thrifted, the capris still had the tags on them.

The brown tote is one of my favs, it came from Kohl's for $20 on clearance.

The studded ballet flats are Candies, from Kohls for about $20.  The earrings were 70 cents at Ardene's.

Outfit total, including shoes and accessories...$62!!

Going to work! It's Monday.
This is me getting ready for work.  All the clothing is thrifted.  RW shirt, Mexx cardigan and Nine West pants.  I usually pay about $5 per article of thrifted clothing, so this outfit probably cost $15.  The fabulous, green chain necklace was $5 on clearance at Bianca Nygard.

It's Friday, yay!!
Whew, it was a tough week at work.  The good news is that the snow has almost melted, so I wore sandals!!!  Orange jacket (Eddie Bauer), dress shirt (can't remember), Gap capris.  This outfit was about $15, the sandals were about $70.
The multiple-strand necklace was about 80 cents at Ardenes.  

New bandana print pants!!
I splurged and bought a pair of skinny pants with a blue and white bandana print....I LOVE them!  They were on sale for about $35 at Bianca Nygard (hmmm, I'm seeing a trend here).

The nude, suede flats were thrifted for $10.  They are Nine West (sorry for the blurry pic).  This white, cotton pullover was thrifted for about $5.

More accessories!!

Shell necklace, it's hard to make out the pretty details.  $5 on clearance at, you guessed it, Bianca Nygard.

This outfit with the bandana print pants, jacket, pullover, necklace, and shoes came to $60.

I do tend to shop at the same stores over and over again.  I always check out the clearance and sale racks.  Where do you shop?

For my fellow Canucks, have a FABULOUS long Victoria Day weekend!!!

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