Sunday, 12 May 2013

Springtime thrift store haul and washing dry-clean clothing.

Ah, the smell of spring.  Fresh air, the dewy scent of grass, the sound of snowbanks melting into muddy slush.  Spring is not only about nice smells, it's about people cleaning out their closets.  And if you live in a city where people love to shop, you're almost certain to find thrift store gold on 50% off days.

Yup, a few weeks ago, our two Salvation Army thrift stores had 50% off sales.  Unfortunately I had to work at my second job on Saturday morning, so I only had a few hours in the afternoon to visit one of the stores. 

I'm always needing office clothing.  Right now blazers, blouses and nice cardis are at the top of my list.  So I typically hit up those racks up first.  If I have time, I'll do a slow troll through the craft area, and shirts and sweaters.  I'm always on the lookout for glitzy buttons to salvage, and things I can repurpose.

Without further ado, here is my haul.  And just for giggles, I am posting some prices for comparable garments.

Banana Republic knit top, Ann Taylor cardi
Both these tops are made of lightweight cotton.  Perfect for layering in an office.  The sale price on Banana Republic pullover is about  $40..  An Ann Taylor, short-sleeved cardigan will set you back about $65

Kasper sage green skirt suit.  Check out the pin tucks at the waist.
 The picture doesn't do this outfit justice.  Stacy and Clinton would definitely give this blazer two thumbs up.  The pin tucks at the waist emphasize all that is good.  Plus this suit is green, I love green.  Here is a Kasper skirt suit on Overstock for $55.

Covington blouse?  Casual blazer? Made of a linen rayon blend.

Is it a structured blouse?  Is it a flowing jacket?  Either way, it's going to look FAB over a sundress.  Slip this top over a strappy sundress, add a belt and some accessories and you have a great office look.  Slip the top off, and I'm ready to relax after work at an outdoor pub.

Talbot's lambswool cardigan with rhinestone buttons
I just about died when I found this cardi.  Made of the softest lambswool.  The colors are light beige with dusty roses.  It's missing a couple of buttons, but I'll soon remedy that.  FYI I'm going to go for the mismatched button look.  Did I mention that I love beige, roses, wool and blingy buttons?  The Talbot's website only has spring cardis in cotton.  They retail for $80.

American Eagle crested blazer

This American Eagle blazer has already worked its way into my rotation.  I wore it with a pair of cotton trousers, a white pullover and some glitzy necklaces.  I love it.

Remember the Seinfeld episode about the crested blazer?

In addition to these treasures I found some neon green ribbing, quilt fabric, a slightly-oversized collarless blazer, a loose linen top with a loon silk-screened on it, and a FABULOUS blue silk blouse with a rambunctious paisley pattern....and more!

I purchased about ten items of clothing for $50.  So everything averaged about $5. 

Instead of dry-cleaning the clothing, I carefully handwashed it.  Yes, you can handwash blazers.  The trick is to be selective and look for certain fabrics.  Use lukewarm water and gentle detergent.  Do not wring the clothing, soak it, and gently agitate the water.  Then rinse thoroughly, squish the water out, and shape to dry on a towel or hanger.

May the sun shine and the snow melt wherever you are.

Happy thrifting!

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