Sunday, 18 May 2014

After Hibernation comes Spring

After Hibernation comes Spring.  It used to be that after Winter came Spring, but this year Mother Nature decided to mix things up a little. 

Cottage view of the lake, Victoria Day weekend

The first official day of Spring was March 20th.  Gentle viewers, please examine the pictures below.  One month after Spring arrived, I woke up to this.  


I just put my lawn ornaments out the week before!!

There are the little guys.

The snow didn't stay too long, and eventually I was brave enough to put plants on the desk (don't ask what happened when the frost hit 2 weeks ago).

I spent a LOT of time this past winter lying in bed trying to keep warm.  I whiled away the time trying to remember what it was like to feel the air on my bare legs - and designing my vegetable garden.  I also watched A LOT of Netflix.  Apparently Netflix is doing really well.  I reckon that Netflix's success is inversely related to warm weather in Canada ;)

So I hibernated this past winter - I didn't get out and ski, or snowshoe, or walk.  I didn't skate.  I shovelled the driveway, begrudgingly.  Then eventually when the snow kept coming (we had a record year for snowfall this year), I started driving through the snow.  

I also stopped posting, and I'm sorry about that.  As part of my amends, I plan to do a whack of thrift haul posts.  I'd also like to share a picture of my dog, otherwise known as Sugar the wonder dog, as we head out to camp (otherwise known as "the cottage by the lake").

"Are we there yet?"
The lake!!!

Victoria Day Weekend is tradionally the time that Canadians flock to camp (aka the cottage) to start the season.  This year, there was still ice and snow on the lake.  It was still nice to go out to the lake - the air smelt amazing, and it was good to watch the wildlife.  On the drive to the lake I saw 2 bear cubs, a herd of skinny deer and numerous rabbits. Before the sun set each night, I would watch the darkening sky and listen to the loons call to each other. 

I'm glad that warmer weather is on it's way...I'm aching to wear pretty skirts, sandals...and to loose some of the Netflix induced weight that I've gained.  :)  

If you look closely at the bottom left corner of the picture above, you'll see Sugar the wonder dog, sitting in a chair next to the fire pit.

happy thrifting :)


  1. As you send, hibernation during winter. Thank you for the comment on my blog. Romi

    1. Hey Romi, I love reading your blog. Thanks for popping by.