Saturday, 24 May 2014

Cobalt Crush

Lately I've been obsessed with cobalt blue.  I found this skirt at Bianca Nygard, but I balked at paying the $90 they wanted for a length of gauzy material (no matter how pretty), sewn to an elastic waistband.  This pleated skirt is blue, white and black...I loooove this skirt.  

Cobalt crush pleated skirt

I checked out other fashions at Nygard.  I found a lot of blue prints, bold 80s colors (think hot pink, fuschia, forest green, canary yellow), and it made me yearn for new spring clothes. So what do I typically do when I'm obsessed with a certain color, or a certain item of clothing?  Why I hit the thrift stores looking for a substitute of course!!  Luckily I bumped into a 50% off sale at the Salv Army.

Blue and aqua tie-dye blouse - Jones of New York.  Think I paid about $3 for this.

Aqua, purple print blouse.  Jones New York $3.

Blue, aqua and purple print shirt, Old Navy, $3.

Eyelet fabric!!
Another trend I've been obsessed with is eyelet fabric and lace.  When I saw this eyelet blazer I snapped it up.  It's a bit biggish, so I'll have to tailor it down a notch.  It was about $3.

Eyelet fabric goodness!!

There are some things I have a hard time resisting.  One of them is muted granny prints.  Behold this chambray shirt with a sublte floral pattern.

Obsessed much with closeups?

So for about $15 I bought some new (to me) spring clothing...I did go back for the skirt a few weeks later when it was marked down to $45.  I got the last one!!  All I need is to find a slip to wear it with.  One of my favorite blogs is my edit a few years ago she did a great post on.thrifting slips

I'm going to take Jentine's advice and hunt down a slip to wear with my new maxi skirt.

happy thrifting ;)


  1. Great thrifty finds, Sila! Amazing what treasures can be found at the Salvation Army shop (oh, how I miss the local one in the city I moved you have me itching to go thrifting too!). Fingers crossed that you can find yourself a slip for your new maxi skirt.

  2. Thanks Katherine! I'm still hunting for that slip....... :)