Thursday, 10 July 2014

frozen eyelashes and staticy hair OOTD

Whew!  Summer has finally come to northwestern Ontario. The temperature is in the balmy 20s, my dog is panting up a storm and ice cream stands are doing brisk business.  It was only 8 weeks ago that we had snow, soon it will be unbearable hot. Welcome to Canadian weather :)

I am still scrambling to get my summer wardrobe out of storage. Although I don't have any summer outfits to show you, I do have OOTD pics from December and January. 

The winter weather was super-dooper cold.  And I mean COLD!! There were Arctic blasts of cold air which resulted in sub-zero temperatures in Canada and the States.  We suffered through weather that dipped to -51 Celcius with windchill.  Brrrr!!  After work, I would go home, take care of my dog, then crawl into bed to try to get warm.  Even when I dressed warmly, it seemed like the  cold weather tried to burrow it's way next to my skin.

It kinda reminded me of the "Long Winter', by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  It's a good book, if you haven't read it.

Here are various thrifty outfits that I wore during the winter.  Enjoy.

Check out that staticy hair!!!

This outfit makes me feel very medievalish.  I think it's the combination of the tunic, and the knee boots.

Normally I'd flatten down my hair and make it look more presentable.   But I wanted to show you how the dryness can affect hair.  This is how staticy my hair gets in the dry, cold winter, plus I'm wearing silk.  

I'm wearing:
silk blouse ($5, thrifted)
tunic (Mac N Jac, clearance at Big Lots $15)
grey cords (Old Navy, sale about $20)
knee boots (DSW, about $80)
gold chain necklace (People's, store closing clearance $15)
Yowsa, lookit that hair!!

This ensemble features a long, wool cardi.  It's kinda like a blanket.  

I'm wearing:
long cardigan ($6, thrifted)
print top (Val Village 50% sale, $3)
black dress pants (thrifted, about $3)
sparkly rhinestone broach (thrifted, about $10)

Now I understand why Linus liked his blanket so much. 

Because if you can't stay in bed, you may as well take your blanket with you while you confront the cold weather.

My uniform is a cardigan, over pants and a top (sometimes over a layer of thermal underwear).  This is the cozy mohair cardigan, layered over a men's flannel shirt.  I wore a neon yellow, blingy necklace.  Then we went bowling.

Blingy necklace

LL BEAN mohair cardi (Val Village 50% sale, $5)
burgundy men's shirt (Val Village 50% sale, $3)
jeggings (TJ Max, $20)
neon yellow necklace (Joe Fresh, $14)
window shopping
I was at Winners checking out winter boots. I couldn't afford new boots (nor did I need more boots).  But I found some nice ones, check them out.

Thrifting on the weekend

Here are a couple of weekend OOTD - clothing that I threw on for running various errands, dog walking, shopping, etc.  I remember balking at the idea of wearing another flipping winter coat in the picture above.  So I layered a warm vest, over an alpaca cardigan, over a t-shirt.  Worn with neon green cords.  The vest and cardigan were thrifted...did I mention that the cardigan was unbelievably thick and warm??  It's about 1" thick!!

I'm coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs!!

I bought a white parka last winter...with our record snowfall, I was worried about getting mistaken for a snow bank :)   Thrifted United Colors of Benetton argyle cardi, neon cords, white parka.

Before outer layers.

After adding outer layers...can you believe I was still cold??

White snowbank parka and FAB thrifted Pendleton purse.

happy thrifting everyone :)


  1. Lots of mix and match potential with your clever outfit finds, Sila! Layers are a key to keeping warm in a Canadian winter, aren't they? It seems you have good thrifting "mojo" (a for fun term my girlfriend came up with... she and I love to go thrifting together... makes other girlfriends jealous because they claim that they never find the cool stuff that she does ;o).

  2. Hey Katherine, thanks for the kind words. Yes, layers are a must!! They prevent cold air from whistling up shirt sleeves. Ooooh, I like that term "thrifting mojo"....I wonder if I could work that into a quilt..... ;) Happy sewing!! I drool over your creations!!!