Saturday, 5 July 2014

Happy co-incidences, Bart Simpson's head, and buying material from thrift stores.

Whew!  What a day.  I got up early hoping to bag some great deals on fabric at a yard sale.  It was advertised as a mega-craft sale with all manner of materials for sale.

Sadly, once I arrived, it was obvious that the prices were wayyy too high.  So I left empty-handed.  Still being in a fabric buying mood, I popped by the Sally Ann and where I found that some kind soul had donated a whole whack of fabric.

This large grey piece came home with me.  I can't tell if the pattern is Bart Simpson's head, a funny-looking pineapple, or a tree.  This fabric felt like cotton canvas, it had a nice sturdy feel to it.  I could use small bits of this in a quilt block, but it's not soft enough for a quilt backing, nor is it pliable enough to use in a quilt block with small, intricate pieces. This material is suitable for totebags or something that requires some stiffness and structure.

Plus it's grey.  Did I mention that I love grey?

Over 2 metres for $5!!  Woo-hoo!!
If you are thinking of buying material at a thrift store (or a yard sale, or wherever), check the selvage.  Sometimes the material content will be printed on the selvage.

Another thing you can do is a burn test.  Please be cautious.

Another source of fabric at thrift stores is other people's craft projects.  I found a quantity of homemade potholders that someone had donated.  They were made from flannel, and the batting inside was much too thin.  I think someone made these potholders as gifts, then donated them.

I bought a bunch of these potholders for 49 cents each. After washing and drying these potholders, I picked them  apart.  Each potholder yielded a 10" block, a 10" square of backing, and a piece of batting (which was flannel).

Reclaimed material in pretty colors!!

A visit to Value Village yielded a nice large piece of cotton flannel.  This piece is over 2 metres and it cost $5.  I washed and dried it (that's why it looks wrinkly)

Soft purple goodness!!

I plan to use the picked apart pot-holders for the top of the baby quilt, and for the quilt batting.  I'll zig-zag stitch the squares of flannel batting together to make a large piece of batting (large enough for a baby-quilt).  Then the 10" blocks will be sewn together for the quilt top.  

The purple flannel will make a nice, soft flannel quilt bottom.  
It's a happy co-incidence that I found the makings for a baby quilt for less than $20!!!

Don't forget to check the housewares and fabric/linen sections at thrift stores.  Sometimes you'll find everything you need to create a project.

happy thrifting everybody :)

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