Monday, 22 September 2014

Blingy wrist bling and other sparkly accessories

Hello friends!!  I thought I'd do a post on my wristy bling and rings.  I've been enjoying our (sporadic) warm weather, which means I get to have bare arms.  I like to wear 2-3 bracelets and stacks of rings.  To keep things affordable I shop clearance sales and thrift stores.

One of my co-workers remarked that the red and green reminded him of Christmas.  I just liked the feeling of stacked bracelets and the shiny gold.  

The green bracelet is a choker wound twice around my wrist (Nygard $5). The yellow and red bracelet has a pretty engraved red bead (thrifted $2). The gold charm bracelet was thrifted for a few dollars.

Large ring (American Eagle close-out, $3) and stack of bracelets.

The top and bottom  bracelet were part of a 3 piece set - I think I paid $3 for the set.  The middle bracelet has aurora borealis crystals and rhinestones.  Some people don't like AB crystals as they were manufactured after 1951 - I personally prefer the rainbowy finish over a regular, clear crystal.  I bought this for $15 from Salv Army.

The red bracelet was one of my Mother's Day jewelery finds.  I love finding this type of vintage jewelery at thrift stores.  You have to be careful though. The glue that holds the thermoset pieces gets brittle with age and I've had a few pieces pop out of the settings.  The purple ring was a Mother's Day gift from my darling boyfriend.  It's a Swaroski ring with a big purple crystal. The ring is a tad large so I used a smaller ring to anchor it.

I love the look of silver and white in the summer.  The first bracelet was thrifted a few years ago from Value Village *before* they jacked up their prices (rant about this at the end of the post).  I love this bracelet, it has semi-precious stones mounted to silver discs.  I think I paid about $4 for this bracelet.  The middle charm bracelet was about $2 retail on clearance.  The last bracelet is made from stone and silver beads - it was a gift.

The 2 pics above show a pixel ring that I got from Loft (clearance $8).  The photos don't really do it justice.  I'm wearing a gold bead bracelet in the top photo (Zellers close-out clearance, $4) and the bottom photo has a Nygard bracelet with big faceted glossy black cabs in a bronze setting (Sears clearance $5).

I noticed a disturbing trend of over-priced jewelery at thrift stores.  I'm not talking about fine jewelery, I'm talking about costume jewelery that quite often goes on sale for $3-$5 at Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Bianca Nygard, Sears, JC Penny etc.  So if you thrift, know your prices and compare at the mall.

Of course I love finding treasures at the thrift stores.  I've been fortunate to amass a large collection of thermoset pieces, vintage crystal chokers and fabulous 1950's clip earrings for reasonable prices - it pays to check out the jewelery case.

happy thrifting :)

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