Sunday, 28 September 2014

thrifted OOTD and pinchy shoes

Have you ever had a day, when you woke up the sun was shining, the air was ripe with possibility, and it was warm enough to wear a swishy, maxi skirt to work?  Last Friday I was finally able to wear a vintage April Cornell skirt.  Made of lovely, flowy rayon (I love rayon) - this skirt is a cross between pumpkin and salmon :)

I paid $2.50 for it at the Salv Anne a month or two ago.  I paired it with a t-shirt and a denim shirt.

denim shirt (thrifted) $3
Jacob floral t-shirt (thrifted or sale) $10
April Cornell maxi skirt (thrifted) $2.50

What isn't shown are the pinchy, Rockport wedge sandals which I bought on sale for $15.  They are currently in a bag waiting to go to the Salv Army.

But here is a random photo of the jewelery I wore on Thursday.
Silver and gold bracelets, Aldo (about $3)
Brown/red ceramic bead bracelet, thrifted ($1)
stack of rings, Aldo (about $5 for the set)

Aldo was having a BOGO sale on their clearance jewelery.  A set of 5 bracelets or rings cost $5 with the BOGO discount.  

And here is the obligatory pic of a blogger's dog.  Her name is Sugar, sometimes she is a good dog :)

happy thrifting ;)

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