Saturday, 31 January 2015

Thift store haul! Salvation Army $2 sale!!

Brrr!  The temperature in Northwestern Ontario has dipped to -22 degrees Celcius (that's about -2 Fahrenheit).  All this chilly weather makes me yearn for warm weather. I want to wear sun dresses, sandals and light jackets.  But instead I have to stay bundled up in thick, warm layers so I don't freeze  ;(

The good news about this time of year is that people typically clean out their closets and the thrift stores are fairly bursting with good stuff.  I have had not one, but THREE great thrift hauls recently. The following haul was from the Salvation Army $2 sale (yup, everything was $2 each - great deal huh?).

I'm going to show you a closeup of this beaded, wool cardy by Talbots.  Its gorgeous lambswool (soo soft and warm), with impeccable beading.  This is a cropped sweater. I play to pair it with an untucked, long flowy shirt and jeans.  Or wear it at the office with a white blouse and a blush colored, midi-skirt.

(sorry again for the sideways pics,, Blogger you are not my friend)

I love lace tops. I think I may have far too many.  But this one from Van Heusen was absolutely gorgeous. 

This blazer had me when I spied the windowpane check pattern peeping out amongst all the other blazers.  It's a vintage CW blazer. It fits long and lean, reaching all the way past my butt.  I plan to pair it with a short, red plaid skirt.

I hemmed and hawed over this skirt.  I have far too many long skirts as it is...but this was is soooo wearable.  I love the colors and the patchwork print.  It's polyester (which I love) and it has fabulous buttons. I packed it away with my spring clothes....I can hardly wait until the weather warms up and I can wear it!!!

skirt closeup

 I love me a good blazer.  This blush colored blazer was just the right shade of pink.  It's a silk linen blend by Land's End. I think it's vintage because it has that looong 80's fit.  I think it will look FAB with the skirt (shown above), or shorts.  I wear blazers a this will get good use. I have to confess I own a LOT of blazers - so I really have to justify buying another one.  I also found the identical blazer in yellow.  I didn't buy it at first, but later on I went back and bought it - I couldn't stop thinking about it (yes I know, I have a problem).

A pair of charcoal, velvet jeans. I can wear these at the office. 

I adore it when I find clothing that still has the tags on it!!  This vintage wool skirt has never been worn. It's a little crumpled, but will look amazing once I steam it out.


This pair of Ellen Tracy dress pants were wayyy too small.  But I tried them on anyway and I was pleasantly surprised when they fit (yay vanity sizing!!).

These Levi's camo pants still had the tags on!!

Another pair of velvet pants - soo nice with a cozy warm sweater!!

  I really debated about buying this skirt.  It has a lot more color that I'm used to.  Then I said to myself, "what the heck, it's only $2".  Plus its a vintage Eaton's skirt...ah Eaton's, how I miss you!!

Well, a lot of this clothing is getting packed away for when Spring arrives.  I can hardly wait!!!  I hope you stay warm, thanks for tuning in.

happy thrifting ;)

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