Sunday, 1 February 2015

Thrift Store haul! Salvation Army four items for $15 sale!!

Hello friends!  Here is my haul from the Salvation Army's "buy four items for $15" sale.  So everything cost $3.75.  I found the pickings were kind of slim, but I managed to snaffle a few items.

This 2-piece top and bottom set counted as one item!! Hurrah.  It's a vintage, oversized shirt with elastic waist pants. I really liked the rugged look of the material.  I'm going to DIY this into a romper.

This snuggly sweater is by Elizabeth (a plus sized line from Liz Claiborne).  It pays to check *all* sections of a thrift store, including the plus sized section.

Love this grid patterned skirt.  It's midi length, wool, by Jones of New York. 

I wasn't keen on the frumpy length of this Lands End dress. But I loved the thick material!  I'll either shorten this, or chop off the skirt and use the material to make leggings.

Just a pretty sweater dress that I threw into my cart.  It's made of silk and cotton.  It's not terribly warm. I would wear it with leggings or cords, and layer another shorter sweater over top.

Bonus!  I found a few pairs of warm dress pants I can wear to work!! 

These Banana Republic pants were in mint condition (they are wrinkled because I washed them and haven't ironed them yet).  Sadly, they are linen.  I can't wear them till the summer.

I also picked up this cute the colors!!

And!!  I found this metalisized, bag made from it!!

happy thrifting ;)

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