Friday, 22 March 2013

Argyle and checks, wool and cashmere

hello all!  A few days ago I woke up to find that Mother Nature had gifted us with another foot of snow.  The snowdrifts around my house are now up to my thighs, which makes negotiating the path while laden with grocery bags challenging!

Don't get me wrong, I love snow.  When time permits, I enjoy snow shoeing and skiing.  I also enjoy taking pictures of snow.  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Snowy commute.  Can you see the vehicle ahead of me?

The snow is coming down sideways.

Oh dear, the snow trees are growing sideways!!
So what is a girl to do when the snow is coming down hard, and she must be prepared for any eventuality.  She must dress for the weather folks!!  She must be prepared to hop out of the car, to dig out a tire, or push a car out of a slippery spot.
Oddly enough, I'm growing sideways too!
Maroon check jacket (American Eagle, thrifted $10), cashmere argyle (HBC clearance $30), white tuxedo shirt (Jones New York, thrifted $6), dark grey, wool maxi-skirt (Eddie Bauer, church bag sale $1).

 I'm bundled up in layers of wool and cashmere.  My jacket is short, so that I can hop in and out of the car easily.  The wool maxi-skirt repels snow so that I can wade through snow drifts and brush off the snow easily.

What do you wear when the weather is snowy?

Do tell.



  1. ur bundled up well :)

    1. I'm all about bundling baby!! Weather can change from a snowy, blowy -10 degrees Celcius to a sunny, balmy 5 degrees Celcius. Thanks for dropping by!!

  2. You look fabulous! It's mini dresses this weekend, the snow's too deep for maxis! x

    1. hey Vix, thanks for popping by. Lurve your clothes!!