Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lace tights and snakeskin shoes

OOTD Painful Feet Edition

I'm test driving this green sweater, belt, tights and shoes.  The shoes, which were so comfortable in the store, were unbearably painful.  By 10:00 o'clock, my feet were begging for relief.

Green sweater (thrifted, $3), Old Navy skirt (clearance, $4), purple lace tights (Shoppers Drug Mart clearance, $5), Fergalicious faux snakeskin flats with bows and rhinestones(clearance, $20)
Either my feet shrunk, or the shoes grew, because my feet were rattling around with too much room to spare.  There was chafing action going on.

It's still pretty cold, so I wore an oversized, green sweater.  Wear layers for survival people!!!
Smile through the pain!!

Easter is around the corner! So is a photo-bomber.
Today was bag day at a thrift store.  I broke down and bought a bag off goodies for $10.  I'll show you pics later.

So much for my "Don't buy till July" Resolution.  :)

Rhinestone Cherries, $80. Hand-crafted by Danny P., purchased at Toronto craft show 12 years ago.

Earrings (Claires $2)

Photo bomber Jr.
Thanks for dropping by.


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