Monday, 25 March 2013

Thrift store haul Part 2 (epic and wordy)

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!!  I'd like to thank whoever donated these shoes.  It looks like you purchased some of these things 20 years ago, and then carefully tucked them away in your closet.  You are a fine person, indeed.  Would you like to adopt me?

White ankle boots (Naturalizer, $10 thrifted), LL Bean leather sandals, Lands End suede loafers, Born  leather gladiators and Eaton's Attitude oxfords.  The tooled, leather Acapulco purse was only $2!!!
In praise of vintage leather shoes from the 80s.  These shoes were likely still made in Canada, or Brazil,  Italy or Spain.  I love the quality materials and the workmanship.

All shoes were thrifted for about $10 each.

These oxfords from Eaton's have a special place in my heart.  I know my feet will look FAB when I wear them with a shirt dress, or cut-offs and a tank top.  The picture is dark, so it's difficult to make out the different colors in these shoes, but the earthy red, green and beige colors are gorgeous!   The workmanship that went into these shoes is exquisite.  And the leather is just scuffed enough to look trendy.  I can hardly wait for the snow to melt so that I can wear these lovelies!!

I loved shopping at Eaton's.  It was a sad day indeed when they closed their doors.  Eaton's featured higher end merchandise, and they were one of the first department stores to offer a boutique environment.  They had killer end-of-season sales.  "Attitude" was Eaton's own label.  It was targeted towards spendy, twenty-somethings.  When I was in university (the first time), I got a job at Eaton's.  I was in heaven.

I've worn the Lands End loafers a few times, and I'm sad to report that they are kind of blah.  So I'm going to decorate them with something blingy.  I'm thinking of sequinned cobras or sparkly beads.

More shoes!!  Three pairs thrifted for $10 or $13 each.  Faux-croc, mommy tote, thrifted for about $13.
In praise of mommy totes.  No, you are not fashion darlings, but I love you because I can stuff my netbook, lunch, sunnies, cell phone, water bottle and various mommy stuff (Kleenex, wipes, bandaids, snacks etc.) into you before I go running out the door.  I can sling you over my shoulder when I attend various kid events.  You are forgiving if I spill juice on you.  You take abuse when I throw you into my car.  You take abuse when my kids pile their sports gear on top of you.  You take abuse when the dog decides to lay on you.  But at the end of the day, you are there for us.  Thank you mommy tote.

Flowy green skirt (thrifted for $3.50).
I thrifted this skirt from a Dutch charity shop.  I love the Dutch charity shop.  Although they aren't as large as the Salvation Army, or Value Village, they have higher quality merchandise.  Periodically I'll hit the motherload when some kind person decides to clean out their closet.  This skirt is a higher-end label, and it appears to be never worn.  It didn't make the cut when I went to a tropical destination last month.  But it will be making an appearance this summer when I pair it with a crisp, sleeveless shirt for work.

American Eagle ditzy print mini skirt (thrifted for about $5, Salv Army)
This cute skirt came with an adorable butterfly belt buckle.  The belt buckle is in my 'to do' pile to be sewn into an elastic belt.

Retail therapy, all purchased from Bianca Nygard clearance sale for $5 each.
 I don't know what it is about Bianca Nygard.  But when I see the $5 clearance rack of jewelery, my knees go weak. I especially love the multi-strand yellow necklace shown in the picture above.  The necklace has around ten strands of glass beads, so it is a heavy item.  I've already worn the green, feather necklace and it's FAB!!!

Vintage silk scarf featuring maple leaves!!  ($1, thrifted)

Men's silk shirt ($3, thifted)
 This unworn, vintage shirt came home with me when the Salv Army took 50% off mens shirts.  Judging from the style and the trippy print, I'd say this shirt is circa 1980s.  I have to show you a closeup of this pattern.

Zodiac-esque emblems, Greco-Roman decorations, gold and purple.  What more can you ask for?  This shirt has it all.

This being a men's XL shirt, it is loose and baggy on me.  I'm going to test-drive it by belting it and wearing it over skinnies or a slim skirt.  I may have to perform surgery on this shirt, but I'm hesitant as I've never worked with silk before.  Wish me luck.

Three thrifted tops, $5 - $8 each.  Gold pleated off-shoulder top (Bianca Nygard), Black and white vest (Ricki's) and  dark grey pleated, sleeveless top (Jones of New York).

Two polyester scarves ($2 each, thrifted)

Oops, upsidedown shot.
Have you seen the Dolce and Gabbana Spring Summer 2012 collection?   It features clothing with scarf prints.  Here is a pic.  These scarves are destined to be made into D&G inspired clothing.  Once I figure out how to sew polyester, scarf, clothing, I will move onto silk, scarf, clothing.  Stay tuned for more details.

Suede and leather purse with studding and metal lace details (thrifted, $15)
This fabulous handbag drew my attention because of the metal lacing around the edges.  There is a scratch on the suede, but I'm hoping to buff it out.  It was a $15 find at Salv Army.

What did YOU find at the thrift stores?

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. What a fabulous haul! I'm loving the coloured gladiators, the tooled leather and brown suede bag and the trippy blouse! I wish this snow would thaw, you've got me in the mood for charity shopping! x

  2. Thanks Vix! I'm chomping at the bit to wear the trippy blouse. Do you shop for yourself in the menswear section too?

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