Sunday, 8 December 2013

4 Shorts in 6 months

Old Man Winter has made an early appearance this year. He held a party a few nights ago with lots of snow and gusty winds.  All that blowing snow made it tough to see.

Driving home was an interesting challenge as the snow covered the lane markers.  Shovelling out my driveway was even more interesting as the wind swept the snow I shovelled back into my face. 

What else does chilly weather bring?  Why great bargoons on summer clothing of course!

Witness these four pair of shorts, recently purchased at Old Navy for less than $2 each.

 I won't be able to wear them for another 6 months.  So I packed them away until spring.  Before I packed them away, I put together a thrifty outfit.  

The pink lacy sweater was about $4 at a 50% off sale.  The shorts were about $2.  The moccasins were $3.  This thrifty outfit costs less than $10!!!

I know that when warmer weather rolls around, I'll be dying to bare my legs.  There is nothing sweeter than feeling a breeze against legs that have been encased in thermal tights all winter.

Behold my next thrifty outfit. 

Lace dress, NWT (thrifted for about $5)
American Eagle cowboy shirt (thrifted for about $4)
Long Liz Claiborne cardi (thrifted for about $5)
Leather ankle boots (thrifted for about $6)
Blue beaded necklace (clearance for $5)

This outfit comes to $25.  Because of our capricious spring weather, long warm layers such as this cardigan, as still necessary.

Stay warm everyone!!

happy thrifting.

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