Sunday, 22 December 2013

DIY thrift finds, and some nice vintage china and Pyrex

Hello fellow thrifters!!  I haven't been thrifting as much lately as I've been occupied with other stuff.  It thought I'd show you a couple of furniture projects.  I moved into my new house back in September.  Instead of spending big bucks furnishing and decorating it, I'm taking my time and trolling thrift stores and clearance bins looking for the perfect touches for my new abode.

My new house has only half the closets and storage that I had in my old house.  So when I found this cabinet I thought it would serve as the perfect storage system for my purses and jewelery.

Here is the finished cabinet which I painted blue (it was a wood laminate).  I purchased this item for about $40, and I spent about $50 on primer, paint and brushes.  Now it holds my jeans, purses and jewelery.  This unit serves double-duty as I use the purses to hold my tights, leggings, knee socks and thick woolly socks.  The top two shelves hold a bunch of white plastic containers - this is how I organize my jewelery.

This unit holds a ton of stuff!!

I happened to be walking into at the Salv Army when I spotted this antique Singer sewing table.  Someone had recently donated it, it was still outside in the donation pile. The table was missing the sewing machine, and the wooden panel that covered the front.  It was also missing the drawer pulls.  I thought it would be the perfect thing to hold my keys, mail and miscellaneous mess that clutter up my hallway.

I managed to snag this piece for $20.  I purchased knobs for $10.  Here is a picture of the cleaning supplies and drill I used on the table (the nooks and crannies were really dusty!!).  

Here is the finished product.  A nice looking hallway table.  It holds pens and stationery.  With some thrifted decorative items on top.

Hallway table!!

Last week I managed to score 6 teacups and saucers, with sugar and creamer for $5!!!  Originally the price was $10, but I had a half-off coupon.  This fine, English bone china is Royal Albert.  

Here is the vintage Fire King Lustrewear that I got in Duluth last month.  Six teacups with saucers for $4 each.

Two vintage Pyrex finds, they were $3 each.  I'm always on the lookout for Pyrex nesting bowls in great condition.  The selling feature for the casserole dish was that it came with a lid.  I'm really hoping to find blue and Jadite Pyrex...they are my favs!!

happy thrifting!

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