Sunday, 6 September 2015

Back to School 2015, pristine purse haul edition

Whew!  Two posts in one day!!  This second post has been brought to you courtesy of the 100% humidity and high temperatures that manifested themselves in the last few hours.  Walking outside feels like walking through those long, damp thingies that hang in car-washes (but not nearly as fun).  You're instantly covered in a damp forcefield.  Since damp forcefields and yardwork don't mix, I'm inside enjoying the coolness. Sadly I can't even paint the DIY projects in the garage...the high humidity prevents the paint from curing properly.

Well the oppressive, damp, heat is your gain!! Instead of slaving away outside and perspiring profusely, I'm indoors on the couch  uploading handbags that joined my collection this summer.  After all, nothing says "Labor Day Weekend" like gratuitous pics of purses.


Here is my back-to-school purse haul.  The prices ranged from $3.50 to $14.99 (not including sales taxes).  Pardon the unsightly mess on the couch.  That is the second laptop I'm upgrading to Windows 10....getting the kids ready for back to cool baby!!

Let's start with the first item I found back in June.  Technically it's not a purse, but it can be used as such.  Check out this vintage, vanity case!

Value Village $14.99

What's inside to you ask?  Just a few other gems I bought this summer.  Value Village had one of those 30% off deals, so I bought some bits and bobs.

Jewelery!!  Love the plastic clippies for $4.99!!  Then the pewter ear goodies for $3.99.  Last but not least, a moonstone Coro neckie for $4.99!!

Back-to-school snacks anyone!  These goodies hold 1 cup of cereal. The packaging dates to the year 2000...that's almost vintage, right?  These little treasures will hold my dry's unlikely the kids will want to use them since they are teenagers, and thus too cool for cartoon, cereal characters.  

An awesome, assortment of fringe!!!  I think I have several metres here.

Are you ready for this?  Snap, Crackle and Pop in button form!!  I think I have all the cereals covered now.

In July I found a plethora of picnic baskets at the Village.  I bought this one for $4.99.  It's can't hold a lot of heavy stuff, but it'll do for holding fruit, sandwiches, plastic cutlery and such.

Value Village $4.99

Now that I'm indoors watching Buffy re-runs, I have to share some of my favorite outfits from one of my favorite episodes (Season 2, Episode 21 Becoming Part 1).

Buffy is wearing a beautiful, opalescent duster.  Of course she is running through the high school at night.  Honestly, don't the custodians lock the doors after the last bell?

Another great 90's look, manicured strong eyebrows, and a lustrous lower lip.  Kendra, the backup slayer, is wearing a loose leather jacket and cropped baggy pants. Love it!!

When I saw this embossed goody, I held my breath.  Like Buffy, it too hailed from the 90s.  I snapped it up!!

$3.50, half-price sale at Value Village.

The tags were still on it!!  This Liz Claiborne is definitely worth $29 (suggested retail), but I was happier paying less.  I love the little cell phone pocket in this purse.  Nothing screams 90s more than a Samsung flip phone!

For all you kids out there.  A flip phone can only be used for phone calls and basic texting.  Back in the day, this was considered cutting-edge technology.

Back to Buffy.....wait for it.


Red pointy shoes, black tights, red maxi-dress and an ox-blood,  long lace cardi.

It's Drusilla!!

Check out that French manicure!!

I think Dru would approve the following mini-portfolio.  

$10 at Value Village half-price sale.

Large enough to store a mickey of blood, it comes with a handy cross-body strap.  It's another Friends era purse with a small, flip-phone holder (which I'll prolly use to hold my chapstick).

This goody still has the $40 price tag on it....yay!!

Tags intact!!

Here is a woven straw lovely, from an earlier, uncomplicated time.  Back when people walked to the corner, pay phone. People walked more then.  It was probably used to carry a compact, house keys and a coin purse...full of dimes for the phone (yup, I went there).

Salvation Army, $6.99.

Wait till you see the inside!!!

Yes, the lining has delicious fruits printed on it.  And a "made in the British colony of Hong Kong" tag.  Like the other purses, it's in minty, unused condition.

Here is my second, most recent acquisition.  I almost passed on this pristine, suede and leather purse.  Because I have a lot of purses.  Some of which I haven't even used yet.  But the buckle-y goodness of this Wilson Leather Rex won me over.

Meet one of the newest additions to my collection!!  

Salvation Army $8.99.

The stuffing is still in the outside pouch!

The final purse is below.  Another pristine, never used purse. This one is a genuine, leather and suede purse.  It was MADE IN CANADA!!!

Salvation Army $4.99.

The latch took some figuring out.  Once I popped it open, I was amused to see the manufacturer label.

Mastercraft, Made in Canada.

Mastercraft. And I thought they just made power tools and screwdriver sets!!

After spending a fortune on back-to-school supplies at Walmart.  I was happy to see a selection of donated supplies at the Salv Army.  I snapped up these 2 pencil cases for myself.

Salvation Army $1.99 each.

The red one will hold my MP3 player and assorted paraphanelia.  The blue one is going to hold the small stuff that gets lost in the depths of my large mommy, Tardis totes.

And speaking of the Tardis.  Check out a purchase I made while we were in Chicago.

I can hardly WAIT to bring this lunchbag to work!!!

happy thrifting everyone ;)


  1. Loving the vanity case and the Made in Canada bag. What a huge haul and in such great condition, too! xxx

    1. Hey Vix. I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario (if you google it, you'll see we're located in the middle of nowhere, on top of Lake Superior). At auspicious times, the thrift stores are LOADED with beautifully made vintage items. I've had to leave many lovely things behind because I don't have room for 200 purses. I think the demographics in our area dictate that older people are downsizing and getting rid of excess belongings. And the stuff I find has been beautifully taken care of. I hope they find good homes. ;)

      If you ever do a tour of Canada, we'll go thrift shopping together. The best times are spring, summer and just after Christmas.

  2. Holy Shizzer!!!! That's one hell of an awesomely spectacular haul!
    I am CRAZY for handbags....CRAZY! I don't believe a gal can have too many becaus they are USEFUL! I especially love vanity cases, they're brilliant for storgae as well as being a handbag!
    ow, when I use the term Rex, I am referring to a brand of handbag that was locally made here in Christchurch, New Zealand in the 50s/ far as I can find out. No one seems to know much about them, but I love that they were local, and that they are actually callled "So Obviously Rex" handbags! I should probably do a post. Otherwise, I just call a handbag a handbag. A purse to us is more like a wallet, I guess! And as for a fanny pack...ahem! I am mighty jealous of this haul! I haven't found much in the way of handbags for ages, and then suddenly, over a month, picked up a vanity case, two sweet 70s cloth handbags with bamboo handles and a 60s raffia one!
    Annnnnnnd.....BUFFY! Loved Buffy. I reallly need to rewatch the series, it's been a loooong time. Such a great show. Was the only thing I sat down regular like for!
    You have excellent taste! XXX

    1. Tee hee....fanny pack ('nuff said). Interestingly enough, we used to have a fabric store called "Fanny's Fabrics". I used to chuckle whenever I saw the sign.

      Aw, you're a fellow Buffy fan! I love Buffy, she's gotten me through some tough times.

      Thank you for admiring my purses/handbags/Rexes. I really appreciate fine materials and craftsmanship. And if it's something that was made in Canada, then that is AWESOME!!

      My youngest daughter has given me strict instructions not to come home with too many purses (sigh). So I look to your blog for the pure unadulterated joy of finding wonderful things and bringing them home.

      I promise to blog more of my purse collection....but someone has to make sure youngest daughter doesn't see the ones that are hidden under my bed, shhhhhhhh!

  3. I'll add to the "Rex" confusion as there was a US brand called, Dorset Rex that made beautiful metal bags with lucite tops. I'd kill for one of those.

    I still haven't been able to find a train case in condition worth buying, but the search continues-yours is a beauty. The straw bag is also in great condition considering its age.

    I can see using that small picnic hamper as a purse.

    1. Argh!!! Metal bags with Lucite tops!! I've seen a few on blogs. I'd love to own one (or a couple :)

      The thrift stores here are unusually generous when it comes to vintage train cases and suitcases. I own a bunch of each ;)

      .....stay tuned for the picnic hamper blog...I have plans for it!