Monday, 21 September 2015

Thrifty, thrifted purses and a feather in my cap.

Whew!  I can't believe that the end of September is in sight, and fall is stealthily creeping up on us.  For me, that means that I really need to GET CRACKING on my hand-made gift list.  Especially since I still have Christmas quilt tops from 2014, er back to school 2015, er quilts tops for Thanksgiving 2015 that need to get basted, quilted and bound.

What's a girl to do when she feels the shoulder-buckling pressure of deadlines....combined with the inability to clear off the kitchen table, so that she can sew? 

Why, she hits the thrift stores for some retail therapy of course!!

These two purses were a little larger than pencil cases.  The white purse is a beautiful, macrame purse.  The black clutch is made of leather.  Both these purses were in beautiful, mint condition and they came home with me.

Macrame and slim leather wallet/pursey things.

$4.99 for a genuine leather, made in Canada clutch?

Yes please!

Exquisitely woven straw purse. It looks like it was never used.

Yes please!!

This purse broke my heart.  Brown lucite handle with cork-covered exterior. It was too cute for words.  Unfortunately the plastic handle had obvious scratches on it.  That won't do.

It got left behind.

Oooh, what do I behold?  

Could it be????

Is it??

YES!  A Welsh tapestry purse!!

You betcha it came home with me!

I love this purse!!  It comfortably holds my over-sized wallet, cell phone, keys and other miscellaneous junk.  This purse is MAGIC!!  It takes my usual jeans and t-shirt to a whole NEW LEVEL!!

Plus my kids roll their eyes whenever they see it.... that's gotta be a good sign, right?

This beaded beauty had opalescent bugle beads and seed beads.  It was priced at less than $5, but the insides were marked up, and I didn't need it, so it stayed behind.

Pretty beaded purse.

This tooled leather purse was another great find.  I specially liked the leather stitched trim.  But I already have several tooled purses which I this one stayed behind.

Hmmm, what do we have here?

Please note that no animals, or feathered creatures were harmed during the production of this blog post.

Now that we got that out of my system.  I'm off to clear off that dratted kitchen table so that I can get sewing....

happy thrifting ;)


  1. That cap! Please tell me you bought it.

    I'd have gone for the cork bag anyway, scratches or not. I'm rough on purses, so they end up with all sorts of markings anyway.

    1. hee, hee, hee. My stylist (aka youngest daughter) absolutely forbad me to purchase this cap. Such is the power of children.

      ....It was a beautifully-made cap though. Nice variety of feathers that were carefully stitched into place. If this vintage hat had been just a *little* larger it would have fit comfortably on my head, and then perhaps I could have made a better case for it. Oh well, I'm hoping it found a good home.

      happy thrifting ;)