Sunday, 6 September 2015

DIY Surgery and what I wore to work

A co-worker recently had abdominal surgery.  When she called with an update, she informed us that the surgeon had sent her home with staples (in her midsection), and a staple-remover.

How is that for DIY?

Before I show you pics of what I wore to work.  Allow me to indulge you with some delicious finds at the Salv Army.

When I saw this set tucked away in the furniture section at the back of the store, my heart started palpitating.  It definitely looked vintage.  

Teapot goodness!!

I took a look at the maker's mark, examined the pieces for damage, and popped the two trays, the teapot and a creamer into my cart.

I left the casseroles, the extra creamer and the coffee pot for someone else to enjoy.  How is THAT for restraint, eh??

The Meakin pieces were in excellent condition, and very reasonably priced.  The two trays were $1.99 each, the teapot was $5.99, and the creamer was $2.99.  In total everything cost a shade under $13.

I am using the tea set at work.  I make tea and hot chocolate at work.  I also bring fruit to snack on.  My new tea set organizes everything without making an unsightly mess of food and drink.  

I love the little grey and olive geometric flowers on this set!! 

Without further ado, here are some random outfits.

What I wore when the AC was crazy cold.

Plus sized Liz Claiborne chambray shirt, thrifted, $1
J Crew black linen pants, thrifted, $4

The weather here has been lovely and hot.  Sometimes it has been too hot.  We crank up the fans (which is our AC system) and sometimes it gets too cold.  This outfit kept me nice and warm/cool :)

What I wore for work and errands.

Evan Picone top, thrifted $4
Green Woolrich skirt, thrifted $3

What I wore when I had to work 2 of my jobs.

Pink t-shirt with glitter embellishment, thrifted, $3
Cotton pants, Ricki's clearance sale, ???

I bought two pairs of these nifty pants from a clearance sale at Ricki's.  They were summer stock, and I bought them in the fall.  I forgot if I paid $20 or $10 each.  It's more likely I paid $10 for them.  They were a tad too large when I bought them, so I threw them in the washer and dryer a few times.  I'm happy to report that either I grew, or the pants shrunk, because now they fit me just fine :)   Remember kids, wash cotton pants BEFORE you hem them.

Pants with vintage necktie pattern!!
Yes, I have more than one job.  I have worked 2 to 3 jobs since I was 13 years old.  And believe me, that extra part-time job has definitely saved me a few times.  I'm trying to be more frugal so that I can save more of the money I make.  

What I wore when I answered a bunch of emails and phone calls.
Talbot's shirt, thrifted $3
Woolrich skirt, thrifted $3

What I wore on casual Friday.

Ricki's blazer, thrifted $10
Alia sequined t-shirt, thrifted $3
Calvin Klein pants, TJ Max clearance $8

This outfit woke a few people up.  It's difficult to tell from my crappy pictures, but the pants are bright pink.

What I wore when the weather cooled.

Jessica, cotton sweater, thrifted $???
Eddie Bauer, maxi-skirt, church rummage sale, $2
Necklace, thrifted $5
Wilson Leather purse, thrifted $8.99

This outfit received a few compliments from work.  I love the fact that I paid so little for it.  The skirt is a maxi, I had to wear sandals with a heel so that the hem wasn't dragging on the ground.

I forget how much I paid for the sweater.  I bought it during my 'blue' phase in the spring.  I'm pretty sure I didn't pay more than $4 for it.

Thrift shopping has really changed how I look at clothing.  I love to have lots of clothing (and purses, and shoes, and jewelery!).  But as the years go by, I find I'm paying less and less.  I used to pay no more than $10 for a thrifted item, and $25 for a new item.  Now I'm paying closer to $2 for a thrifted item and $15 for a new item.  Since I discovered bag sales, and Goodwill Outlet, sometimes I pay less than $1 for an item.

I have a pretty cynical eye towards trends.  I still love to watch fashion shows, and read fashion magazines.  But so much of the stuff in retail stores is poorly made sludge that has been dredged up from the 80s and 90s.  Why not shop thrift stores and get the originals?

happy thrifting ;)


  1. Canadians get staple removers? In the US we just get a friend to use their teeth. That socialised medicine sure does spoil you ;)

  2. Canadians get staple removers? In the US we just get a friend to use their teeth. That socialised medicine sure does spoil you ;)

    1. Tee hee. Well I sure can't complain about socialised medicine. A few weekends ago I went to the emergency department to get a swollen left ankle looked at. Dr. Google said that swollen left ankles could be due to blood clots. Within the first 45 minutes I was admitted and given an ultrasound on my ankle by a nurse. Within the next 45 minutes I was examined by a doctor who said that my problem was probably due to varicose veins, but who ordered another ultrasound just to be sure. During the last 45 minutes I was given another ultrasound by a technician. So I saw 3 highly-trained medical health practioners for FREE and I was also given a clean bill of health. We Canucks are spoiled.

      Hee, hee, still chuckling over the teeth thing ;)