Friday, 6 February 2015

Aldo shoes, Roots purse and other random finds from 2014

Hello! Whoo, look at me doing several posts in one day!! 

I was reviewing images on my camera iPhone, and I found some pictures of random finds from 2014.

This buttery-soft Roots purse set me back $15. These type of purses retail for about $100.  It was in mint condition!!  I love the color!!  It's the perfect size to hold a wallet, cell phone and chapstick. It's the kind of thing I take with me on trips - I can sling it across my body and walk for miles.

Three purses, a large red tote, an Ed Hardy purse and a vintage leather cross body.  Love them!!  I used the red tote a lot during 2014 - it was my goto purse for work.  I threw in my wallet, cell phone, lunch, water bottle, makeup bag etc.  It held everything!  The red tote is a shiny tote from Sears, I think I got it for a few dollars.  The Ed Hardy purse was used for overnight trips - it held a remarkable amount of clothing. I bought it for about $10, I'm not sure how much it retailed for. The leather cross body is vintage, circa has no cell phone pocket inside ;)  Love it!!

 Radom clothing that was 50% off. 

I purchased this shirt for the's cheaper to buy a shirt for a few dollars, then to purchase new buttons.

The buttons went on this Ralph Lauren chambray shirt. It looks much nicer now!

Love this oversized cotton sweater by Jones of New York.  Oversized sweaters are my kryptonite (I guess that makes me the Superman of thrift stores ;).

This sweater was $3 on sale.

The pattern on this silk t-shirt reminded me of the iconic, Louis Vuitton pattern.  I snapped it up for $1.50.  It's a vintage Spenser Jeremy top.  I washed it by hand but sadly some of the dye bled on the sleeve.  It's still perfectly wearable though. I plan to wear it with black shorts and a green Gap blazer that I picked up.

This is a cute RW dress made of brown cordouroy.   I have it packed away - to be worn when the weather warms up.

I remember finding a lot of cute, new shoes in my size at the thrift store that day.  I walked away with the sparkly Aldo loafers on the left. They were about $3, they would retail for at least $50 in the store.  I wore them on my birthday.

happy thrifting ;)

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