Friday, 6 February 2015

Pink to silver, lamp DIY makeover

Hello friends! Over the Christmas holidays, I did a DIY makeover on two lamps I had purchased at a thrift store. 

While I was at the thrift store, I found a great selection of lamps. 

There was a great selection of sizes and shapes.  I then saw this pair of lamps.  I thought the shape had a lot of potential, but I hated the color.

I paid a visit to Canadian Tire, and picked out some spray paint.

A couple of coats later, here was the end result.

The knick-knacks are all thrifted too.

As hard as I tried, I couldn't find two decent, secondhand lampshades, so I bought new ones at Walmart. They're kinda boring (bleah!), but my choices were limited.

Cost of project:
lamps, 2 for $7.50 each  $15
1 can of spray paint  $5.75 (including tax)
2 lampshades, 2 for $8 each  $18.40 (including tax)

Total cost $39.15 for both lamps.  I know that I could have bought cheaper, new lamps at Walmart - but these lamps have some heft and quality to them.  And they are exactly what I wanted.  

Isn't the silver penguin cute? He was a $2 thrift store find from 2014.

happy thrifting ;)

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