Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Purse and fabric haul from the thrift store

Hello friends, I hope you are all staying warm during this cold month of February.  I've been purging clutter and unused stuff.  I dropped off a bag of donations at the Salv Army and I perused the purses.

There was a decent selection of purses.  They were in great shape.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the mustard yellow Anne Klein purse.  It came home with me for $17.

Pardon the sideways shot

I loved this color blue.  This le chateau purse was a nice size, but it wasn't in excellent condition, so I passed.

This cute velvet purse still had the tag on it.  Judging from the printing on the price tag, this purse was old deadstock from the 1990s.  The purse was cute, but I need cross-body purses, so I passed.

Here is my new Anne Klein.  Cool thing was that I had been lusting after a very similar Anne Klein at TJ Max - but I balked at the pricetag.

Trademark lion head design.

Cross body strap was in the bag.

No visit to the thrift store is complete without checking out the fabric.  This trip was a score...plus I was able to use a $10 off coupon I had.  From top, top to left we have, about 2 metres of purple daisy material $7.  Blue/brown Aztec print, about 2 metre $4.99.  The most softest flannel ever...very nice quality!! Sunflower print, about 3 1/2 yards for $6.99.  Burgundy print fabric, 2 metres for $4.99.  Blue sunflower print fabric, 2 metres for $4.99.  All of this fabric is going to  be used in quilts.

Here are 2 other purses I found at Value Village.  When I saw the black purse on the rack, I was hoping it was vintage. Sadly it turned out to be a Liz Claiborne repro - but it was in excellent condition,so it came home with me for $15.

The cute little red purse is vintage.  It has a long chain handle and sparkly rhinestones.  It was $7.

happy thrifting ;)

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