Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Jewelery pick-me-ups

Trawling through chazza showcases can yield some yummy, pick-me-ups.  Sometimes a bit of gilt and flash is just what a girl needs during a particularly grey day.  If I only have a few minutes at a thrift store, I will always check out the jewelery case first.

Here are my pick-me-up finds for September.  I thrifted them at Value Village.

This lot of beauties cost no more than $8.  Chunky pearl necklace, Wedgwood style brooch (Avon), mosaic earrings (Italy) and vintage green and silver bead clip-ons (West Germany).

I found the chunky, pearl necklace first.  Now, I already own a pretty decent collection of faux pearls.  But I didn't have a pearl necklace with irregularly shaped beads, nor did I have one this length.  Sometimes I'll pile on different styles and lengths of pearl necklaces.  

Here are some Pinterest worthy pearl pics.
SJP channeling a Maharajah

....more pearls

Yum! I'm going to style my pearl necklaces like this!!

Also in this lot of jewelery are some lovely mosaic earrings.  These Italian made beauties are painstakingly made by fitting bits of stone into a mosaic picture.  

Here are my October pick-me-ups.  I spent less than $20 on these 4 brooches.

Starting from the top, rhinestone and seed pearl silver brooch.  Green and red art glass cross with pearls.  Trippy gold brooch with pearl centre (1960s? 1970s?).  Red, white and blue brooch.

I'm going to experiment with the pins as pendants, and on ascots.  The green and red cross will look fab on a pearl necklace.  The trippy gold brooch will look fab pinned to a scarf.  The red, white and blue brooch will look great with some milk-glass necklaces.

So buck up princess, if your day isn't treating you right, head to your nearest thrift for some inexpensive bling.  

Happy thrifting!


  1. That's a fantastic haul. The micro mosaic earrings are lovely and I do like your inspiration! x