Saturday, 26 October 2013

Yves St Laurent wool and cashmere suit at the Sally Anne!!

Thrifting can be a treasure hunt.  Diligence and perseverance pays off....sometimes it pays off in the form of a vintage, 3 button suit.  By Yves Saint Laurent no less.

Wool and cashmere Yves St Laurent.
This lovely set is a 2 piece pant suit made of wool and cashmere.  It was crammed amongst a rack of polyester suits.  First the pattern drew my attention, then I felt the material and found that it was luxurious.  My curiosity led me to check the tag.

Behold!!  Vintage 1990s Yves Saint Laurent!!  I hemmed and hawed about getting the wide shoulders narrowed.  But that would ruin the line. So I'm going to wear the jacket as is.  I am going to have the pants made into a skirt.  

I cannot get over the fabulous quality of this material.  The workmanship is IMPECABLE!!

I did some research on "Encore" label.  It was created late in Saint Laurent's career for the American market.  I wonder how it ended up at a Sally Anne in Northwestern Ontario???

What sweet designer finds have you found?

Happy thrifting!!

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