Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Thrift haul at Salvation Army 50% off sale!!

Jones of New York 90's blazer (comes with skirt). 2 piece virgin wool set, $6.50!!!

Check the suit aisle people!!  I got this fab Jones of New York set (blazer shown above), and a 2 piece cardi, skirt Ports wool set...for $6!!

80's vintage angora and silk beaded cardi.$3 

Animal prints tops.

NWT Tweed skirt $6.

Geometric Jones of New York sweater, and other goodies.

Olsen's patchwork eyelet shirt.

Leather and suede patchwook purse $5

Be still my beating heart, it's made in Italy!!

This Adrienne Vitadinni sweater broke my heart.  It was far too small.  It has everything I love, impecable workmanship, European style, and a gorgeous beaded scroll pattern.  I hope it finds a good home.


  1. Your charity shops are bursting at the seams with stuff - they're so big, unlike ours which are just boutique sized. x

  2. Vix, you are totally right. Our charity stores are bursting at the seams!! There is so much stuff! I find there are definitely cycles where people donate large quantities of goods, and there are times where there isn't much. Glad you popped by!!