Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thrift store furniture makeover DIY, Part Une!!

Wood laminate furniture makeover!!

The other day when I was unpacking, I surveyed a pile of boxes containing some of my purses.  I realized I needed to get a storage solution for them.  In a fit of Do-It -Yourselfness (and cheapness), I started trolling charity shops looking for a suitable storage solution.
I found the unit below.  A sturdy, wood laminate item that had been made in the States about 30 years has a built in light!!  Perfect for showcasing my prized blingy blings.

I liked the built-in showcase light, and the engravings on the top and the cupboard doors.

I envisioned this cuboard unit painted a serene robin's egg blue. Then I checked the price tag.  It was originally priced at $50, but a quick chat with the chazza manager yielded a $10 price reduction...score!!

My darling boyfriend loaded this cupboard into his handy truck and moved it into my home.  I bought oil based primer and paint, and POOF!!  I became a DIY blog!!

This is what the cupboard looked like after my first go with the primer. 

I finished priming the bottom section, then I gave it a second coat.

Zinsser oil-based primer review

I used an entire can of Zinsser, oil-based primer.  There was barely enough to give this unit 2 coats.  As it is, the second coat is uneven.  To be fair, I would have had more primer if I had taken more care not to dribble the primer down the sides of the can.

I heard about this primer from another blog (unfortunately I can't remember which one).  I would definitely recommend this primer if you want to paint wood laminate furniture.  You will need to get the paint store staff to shake this primer up really well.  I had to return a second time to get the primer re-shaken as there was a big, ball of congealed gunk in the can when I opened it.

This 946 ml can of primer was $15.99 at Canadian Tire.

Engraved leaf detail.

It's Saturday!!!

Here are two goofy pics of  me.  It's a Saturday monrning, and darling bf and I are about to go out for Finn pancakes.
Me want pancakes!!!

Check out my shoes!!!
Alpaca hoodie, about $4 (thrifted at the last BOGO sweater sale)
Silk shirt, about $6 (thrifted)
Beige pants, about $10 (clearance)
Vintage oxfords, $7 (thrifted)


I'm especially proud of the shoes I'm wearing.  They are vintage Eaton's oxfords.  Made in Brazil...they are patchwork they even make shoes from leather anymore?

Here is a pic of my darling boyfriend, as he slaves over a hot stove making dinner for me.

The pizza was delicious!!!

Stay tuned for Part Deux!!

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