Monday, 14 October 2013

When summer turns into autumn, Part 1

We fight the coming of autumn.  Defiantly wearing capris and sandals until brisk temperatures and icy rain force one to seek warmer clothing and footwear.

That happened to me two weekends ago.  I ventured outside, in the sleety rain, wearing open-toed shoes and a skimpy summer jacket.  I didn't have readily accessible warm clothing due to a recent move.  So with an online coupon from Old Navy burning a hole in my iPhone, I went shopping.

I want to state a disclaimer here.  I always avoid purchasing fast fashion and I seek second hand wherever possible.  Recent horrific events in clothing factories show that there are people who work in inhumane conditions for very little money.  I prefer not to put money into the pockets of people who profit from this.

I won't shop at Joe Fresh anymore.

Since I had not been able to find what I was looking for second hand, I went to Old Navy.  If you have any knowledge of how Old Navy treats their factory workers, please let me know.

I broke down and bought 3 pairs of cords at Old Navy.  Two pairs were "skinnies" and one pair was a traditional cut.

Old Navy Review - Cordoroy Pants

Here is the traditional cut cords in navy blue.  After wearing these pants for the first time, I found that the material (which was slightly stretchy) bagged a little.  I wish I had bought a smaller pair.  Now when I wear these pants without a belt, they tend to drop and I'm always yanking them up.  If you're considering buying Old Navy pants with stretch, you may want to buy a size down.

I bought the 2 pairs of skinnies in oxblood and charcoal grey.  I haven't worn them yet.

Cordoroy pants are regularly $39.99 at Old Navy.  I had a 20% off coupon, plus a coupon good for 50% off of one item. 

Edited to add: One week after this sale, there was a better sale at Old Navy, and I got a price adjustment as the pants were even cheaper.  So I would recommend hanging onto your receipts and going back within 2 weeks for a price adjustment.

What's Old is New Again

I spent some time wandering around Old Navy.  I marvelled at the sequin embellished clothing, and the shiny Lurex thread in the cardigans.  These trends were being recycled from the 1980s, and I think that Old Navy does a pretty good job re-interpreting the style.  I like Old Navy because they make clothing accessible with low prices, but I dislike the crappy fabric quality. The material is too skimpy and sometimes the quality isn't the greatest.  I went back home and dug through my closet for a vintage, beaded, Lurex cardigan.  It's silk with copper, bugle's stunning and I bought it second hand for $10 (about 1/3 the cost of a crappy cardigan from Old Navy).

I would make the following recommendations for anyone who wants to spruce up their wardrobe.

1. If you are unsure what style you like, try experimenting.  If you want inspiration, check out Pinterest.  Or Google "2013 Autumn Lookbook".  Go to the mall, people watch, or raid your friends closet to get a sense of what you are drawn to.

2. Try to shop secondhand whenever possible.  Better for your pocketbook and the planet.  I prefer vintage clothing or high-end clothing.  The quality is invariably better.

3. Shop fast fashion carefully.  Check for loose buttons, snags and overall quality.  You need to factor the cost of the garment over the number of wearings you'll get out of it.

Happy thrifting everyone!!

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