Saturday, 26 October 2013

Thrift haul at the Sally Anne!!

Wow, I have never heard of a $2 sale at the Salvation Army...have you?  My curiosity was intrigued when I saw the sign in the window.  It read something to the effect of "All blouses, pants, dresses for $2" for 3 days.  Unfortunately for me, I was very busy on those sale days.  So I was only able to pop into the Sally Anne for about 30 minutes.  During my speedy shopping spree, I managed to procure about 20 items for a whopping total of $40. Here are some pics of some of my finds.

Caramel knit skirt and ultrasoft flannel blouse.

Vintage Club Monaco!!

Club Monaco and LL Bean

Liz Claiborne sheer blouse and Loft pencil skirt.

The blouse still had the tags on it!!
The Loft skirt has a fabulous kick pleat.

Ironically enough, the week before I had given up finding cordouroy pants second-hand.  Then I find a couple of pairs for a ridiculously cheap price at the Salvation Army thrift store sale.  
Old Navy, Jacob and Jones of New York pants.

The Jones of New York cords looked and felt AMAZING, and I got some compliments at work.

It's my fabulous mother who turned me onto Kasper.  I bought this fabulous, velvet trimmed jacket because of you you!!

Military inspired Kasper jacket.

I also found a NWT Mexx blouse and satin pants from Gap.  Here is a $6 outfit, you're welcome.

This is what $6 can buy at the Salv.

Other $2 treasures included...

Bought these 2 items for the material.

What fabulous deals have you found at the Salv??

Happy thrifting!!

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