Monday, 4 November 2013

Random thrifty outfits for the office, travel and Saturday errands

Yellow cardi (consignment, about $10)
Graphic print blouse (thrifted, about $7)
Capris (clearance, about $10)

Outfit total $27

Office Casual
Eggplant cardi (sale, about $25)
Embroidered grey blouse (liquidation centre, $4)
Green cotton pants (clearance, about $10)

Outfit total $39
Kasper blazer (thrifted $2)
Yellow t-shirt (clearance $10)
Denim capris (thrifted $7)
Cap (thrifted $3)

Outfit total $22
Fancy shindig
White blouse (hard to see again background, thrifted $6)
Orange pleated skirt (sale, $20)
Vintage pointy toe shoes (vintage boutique $40)

Outfit total $66
Autumn by the lake
Beige cardi and oxblood skinnies (sale, about $35)

Cardigan, blouse, dress pants (all thrifted, about $25)

Saturday errands
Mohair and wool, vintage coat (thrifted, about $6)
Oversized turtleneck (thrifted, about $6)
Oxblood skinnies (sale, about $20)
Pointy toed boots (vintage, thrifted, $5)
Purse (sale, $100)

Outfit total ($137)

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