Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thrift store furniture makeover DIY, Part Une!!

Wood laminate furniture makeover!!

The other day when I was unpacking, I surveyed a pile of boxes containing some of my purses.  I realized I needed to get a storage solution for them.  In a fit of Do-It -Yourselfness (and cheapness), I started trolling charity shops looking for a suitable storage solution.
I found the unit below.  A sturdy, wood laminate item that had been made in the States about 30 years has a built in light!!  Perfect for showcasing my prized blingy blings.

I liked the built-in showcase light, and the engravings on the top and the cupboard doors.

I envisioned this cuboard unit painted a serene robin's egg blue. Then I checked the price tag.  It was originally priced at $50, but a quick chat with the chazza manager yielded a $10 price reduction...score!!

My darling boyfriend loaded this cupboard into his handy truck and moved it into my home.  I bought oil based primer and paint, and POOF!!  I became a DIY blog!!

This is what the cupboard looked like after my first go with the primer. 

I finished priming the bottom section, then I gave it a second coat.

Zinsser oil-based primer review

I used an entire can of Zinsser, oil-based primer.  There was barely enough to give this unit 2 coats.  As it is, the second coat is uneven.  To be fair, I would have had more primer if I had taken more care not to dribble the primer down the sides of the can.

I heard about this primer from another blog (unfortunately I can't remember which one).  I would definitely recommend this primer if you want to paint wood laminate furniture.  You will need to get the paint store staff to shake this primer up really well.  I had to return a second time to get the primer re-shaken as there was a big, ball of congealed gunk in the can when I opened it.

This 946 ml can of primer was $15.99 at Canadian Tire.

Engraved leaf detail.

It's Saturday!!!

Here are two goofy pics of  me.  It's a Saturday monrning, and darling bf and I are about to go out for Finn pancakes.
Me want pancakes!!!

Check out my shoes!!!
Alpaca hoodie, about $4 (thrifted at the last BOGO sweater sale)
Silk shirt, about $6 (thrifted)
Beige pants, about $10 (clearance)
Vintage oxfords, $7 (thrifted)


I'm especially proud of the shoes I'm wearing.  They are vintage Eaton's oxfords.  Made in Brazil...they are patchwork they even make shoes from leather anymore?

Here is a pic of my darling boyfriend, as he slaves over a hot stove making dinner for me.

The pizza was delicious!!!

Stay tuned for Part Deux!!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Thrift haul at Salvation Army 50% off sale!!

Jones of New York 90's blazer (comes with skirt). 2 piece virgin wool set, $6.50!!!

Check the suit aisle people!!  I got this fab Jones of New York set (blazer shown above), and a 2 piece cardi, skirt Ports wool set...for $6!!

80's vintage angora and silk beaded cardi.$3 

Animal prints tops.

NWT Tweed skirt $6.

Geometric Jones of New York sweater, and other goodies.

Olsen's patchwork eyelet shirt.

Leather and suede patchwook purse $5

Be still my beating heart, it's made in Italy!!

This Adrienne Vitadinni sweater broke my heart.  It was far too small.  It has everything I love, impecable workmanship, European style, and a gorgeous beaded scroll pattern.  I hope it finds a good home.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Thrift haul at the Sally Anne!!

Wow, I have never heard of a $2 sale at the Salvation Army...have you?  My curiosity was intrigued when I saw the sign in the window.  It read something to the effect of "All blouses, pants, dresses for $2" for 3 days.  Unfortunately for me, I was very busy on those sale days.  So I was only able to pop into the Sally Anne for about 30 minutes.  During my speedy shopping spree, I managed to procure about 20 items for a whopping total of $40. Here are some pics of some of my finds.

Caramel knit skirt and ultrasoft flannel blouse.

Vintage Club Monaco!!

Club Monaco and LL Bean

Liz Claiborne sheer blouse and Loft pencil skirt.

The blouse still had the tags on it!!
The Loft skirt has a fabulous kick pleat.

Ironically enough, the week before I had given up finding cordouroy pants second-hand.  Then I find a couple of pairs for a ridiculously cheap price at the Salvation Army thrift store sale.  
Old Navy, Jacob and Jones of New York pants.

The Jones of New York cords looked and felt AMAZING, and I got some compliments at work.

It's my fabulous mother who turned me onto Kasper.  I bought this fabulous, velvet trimmed jacket because of you you!!

Military inspired Kasper jacket.

I also found a NWT Mexx blouse and satin pants from Gap.  Here is a $6 outfit, you're welcome.

This is what $6 can buy at the Salv.

Other $2 treasures included...

Bought these 2 items for the material.

What fabulous deals have you found at the Salv??

Happy thrifting!!

Yves St Laurent wool and cashmere suit at the Sally Anne!!

Thrifting can be a treasure hunt.  Diligence and perseverance pays off....sometimes it pays off in the form of a vintage, 3 button suit.  By Yves Saint Laurent no less.

Wool and cashmere Yves St Laurent.
This lovely set is a 2 piece pant suit made of wool and cashmere.  It was crammed amongst a rack of polyester suits.  First the pattern drew my attention, then I felt the material and found that it was luxurious.  My curiosity led me to check the tag.

Behold!!  Vintage 1990s Yves Saint Laurent!!  I hemmed and hawed about getting the wide shoulders narrowed.  But that would ruin the line. So I'm going to wear the jacket as is.  I am going to have the pants made into a skirt.  

I cannot get over the fabulous quality of this material.  The workmanship is IMPECABLE!!

I did some research on "Encore" label.  It was created late in Saint Laurent's career for the American market.  I wonder how it ended up at a Sally Anne in Northwestern Ontario???

What sweet designer finds have you found?

Happy thrifting!!

Shopping the Halloween aisle Part deux

Hello all!  Welcome to my Saturday edition of Thrifty Parka, "Shopping the Halloween aisle Part deux".  This week I found myself wandering through the aisles at Value Village.  Once again I was drawn to the glitter and glamour of the Halloween aisle.

Behold the velo dagger shirt!!!
 (that is vintage pointy, collared shirt featuring cyclists, for you North American types)

hmm, who are those cyclists waving at???

I seriously coveted this velo shirt.  I loved everything about it!! Sadly it was far too small.  So I gave it one last lingering glance and walked away.  I hope it finds a good home.

Lavishly beaded and sequined BUTTERFLY Tops, circa 1980s.

Patchwork jacket, made in Korea.  No, it's not leather, it's vinyl...and it's gorgeous!!

Another gorgeous beaded top!!

Closeup of the beading.

A fabularse sequined top.


A mint condition, suede and crocheted vest...this was seriously temping as it was in MINT condition!!

Loved this jacket.  But it was a tad pricey at $15.

Loved this jacket too.  

I didn't buy any of these lovely things.  I buy this cute, wicker purse (dontcha love the chain handle?).

This little purse is a steal for $6!!

I popped into Sally Anne after buying the purse.  I checked out the jewelery case first. And that's where I spotted this elephant necklace. Then at the checkout I debated about buying this alabaster trinket box from Italy. I gave in when I saw the price ($2), and I thought how lovely it would look on my hall table.

Elephant necklace $5, trinket box $2.

Clearance cosmetics!!!
The next day I popped into Shopper's Drug Mart to pick up some milk.  As I walked in, I was immediately accosted by a clearance table of discontinued cosmetics.  I bought 4 eyeliners for 70 cents each.  

The purse, the necklace, the trinket box, and these eyeliners were my splurge for this week.  

What do you splurge on?

Happy thrifting!!