Sunday, 14 February 2016

Thrifty outfit for freezing weather (or how to dress like a Pom Pom Fremen)

This is me dressed for freezing weather.

I'm securely bundled up.  I'm wearing a parka, a wool maxi-skirt, topped by a scarf and a pom pom hat...I kind of feel like a Fremen, in the sense that almost every part of my body is covered up (you know, to protect against the crazy, moisture sucking climate of Dune).

The sad thing...when I took this picture, it was actually relatively WARM out. It was only a balmy -15 Celcius, which is freezing.  Since then we entered Deep Freeze Phase I which was surpassed when the thermometer dipped to -40 and we entered and Deep Deep Freeze Phase II.   Aside from the brilliant, crisp blue sky and the sparkling starry nights, this is the most depressing part of Canadian winter.  It's so darn cold that exposed skin freezes in less than 2 minutes.

On the upside, there has been lots of great stuff in thrift stores.

Witness this sterling silver chain I spotted at Charm Diamond centre.  I won't lie.  I coveted it.

Yup, that is the price tag.  

Even at 50% off, it was still pricey.

Still, I coveted it.

Then lo and behold!! On a whim I checked out the jewellery section at Value Village.  I found a sterling silver the same chunky pattern!!

The price tag was much more palatable. Plus I bought some other silver jewelery.

Is it weird that I especially liked this heraldic pendant? It probably came from a gumball machine.  But I really like it!!

Here is some other jewellery.  Now if only the weather would warm up.  It's too darn cold to have metal against skin.

I had a fun time digging through this bin of spoons.  They were a buck each.  I bought 2 to use in sugar bowls.

Once you get used to thrift shopping. It's easy to spot quality. 

I wish this vintage wool sweater fit me...but it's a vintage Medium..which makes it a small size.

Stay warm everyone!!

Don't forget your pompoms!!

happy thrifting ;)

Sunday, 7 February 2016

2016 Year of the Monkey!!

Hello friends! Happy New Year!!  Monday is the start of the Year of the Monkey.  It's my year!! I'm a Monkey (an Earth Monkey to be precise).

Here are some little Wades I picked up at Value Village for 99 cents each.  

The kitty has a chipped ear. The Queen of Hearts has a deformed arm. And Pappa Bear has a squashed snout.

Hey, no one's perfect :)

For those of you that weren't around in the 1970's. These little figurines came as a gift with purchase.  I forget if it was Red Rose Tea or Tetley Tea that distributed these cute little Wades.

Here is the rest of my collection.

I have goals, not resolutions, for 2016.  I need to finish organizing my house (I've only lived here for 4 years :).  I need to finish quilts that I started years ago.

I also want to showcase my fabulous vintage finds more.

Here is a nice belt, with fancy buckle, and a beaded handbag.  The belt was $5, the bag was $10.

Now is typically a great time to thrift.  People declutter and get rid of all manner of vintage gems.  I've had to pass up some wonderful items though - I already have many purses that haven't seen the light of day :(

I hope the Year of the Monkey is a good one for you!!

happy thrifting ;)