Sunday, 22 December 2013

DIY thrift finds, and some nice vintage china and Pyrex

Hello fellow thrifters!!  I haven't been thrifting as much lately as I've been occupied with other stuff.  It thought I'd show you a couple of furniture projects.  I moved into my new house back in September.  Instead of spending big bucks furnishing and decorating it, I'm taking my time and trolling thrift stores and clearance bins looking for the perfect touches for my new abode.

My new house has only half the closets and storage that I had in my old house.  So when I found this cabinet I thought it would serve as the perfect storage system for my purses and jewelery.

Here is the finished cabinet which I painted blue (it was a wood laminate).  I purchased this item for about $40, and I spent about $50 on primer, paint and brushes.  Now it holds my jeans, purses and jewelery.  This unit serves double-duty as I use the purses to hold my tights, leggings, knee socks and thick woolly socks.  The top two shelves hold a bunch of white plastic containers - this is how I organize my jewelery.

This unit holds a ton of stuff!!

I happened to be walking into at the Salv Army when I spotted this antique Singer sewing table.  Someone had recently donated it, it was still outside in the donation pile. The table was missing the sewing machine, and the wooden panel that covered the front.  It was also missing the drawer pulls.  I thought it would be the perfect thing to hold my keys, mail and miscellaneous mess that clutter up my hallway.

I managed to snag this piece for $20.  I purchased knobs for $10.  Here is a picture of the cleaning supplies and drill I used on the table (the nooks and crannies were really dusty!!).  

Here is the finished product.  A nice looking hallway table.  It holds pens and stationery.  With some thrifted decorative items on top.

Hallway table!!

Last week I managed to score 6 teacups and saucers, with sugar and creamer for $5!!!  Originally the price was $10, but I had a half-off coupon.  This fine, English bone china is Royal Albert.  

Here is the vintage Fire King Lustrewear that I got in Duluth last month.  Six teacups with saucers for $4 each.

Two vintage Pyrex finds, they were $3 each.  I'm always on the lookout for Pyrex nesting bowls in great condition.  The selling feature for the casserole dish was that it came with a lid.  I'm really hoping to find blue and Jadite Pyrex...they are my favs!!

happy thrifting!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Cold weather haul!! 50% off at Value Village

Well the weather outside is frightful.  Plummeting temperatures have reached -25 degrees Celcius.  And that isn't even talking about windchill (believe me, if you have never heard of windchill then you are a lucky person).

This type of weather calls for layered dressing.  My office can be quite cold, thanks to the proximity of a loading dock and capricious heating.  I like to look nice, so dressing professionally can be a bit of a challenge.  Layered dressing means I can bundle up, nice and warm, and peel of layers as required.  Loose layers also mean that I get a bit of insulation as the layers trap warm air against my body. 

Here are some pieces I got at a 50% off sale at Value Village.  They have great layering potential.  

Dim, dark days call for a bit of sparkle.  The dusty pink blouse and the sleeveless blue top have tiny sparkly beads.  The grey sweater has silvery, lurex thread.  

$5 and NWT!!

This lovely sheer blouse still had the tags on it.  It's a dusty pink blouse from Sears.  The pin-tucks have beads on them.  Add a sheer, long-sleeved tee underneath, layer a cardi on top, and I'll be warm as toast!!

RW top, $5
I love RW.  But it's a tad pricey when you pay retail. This cute sleeveless top has nice beading along the neckline and arms.  It is sheer up at the collar area, with lots of flowy, layers on the bottom part. I plan to pair it with high-waisted wool slacks and a cozy cardi. 

NWT sweater, $17

This sweater was a tad pricey.  The original tags were on it, it originally retailed for $90 at Sears.  Wow, I'd never pay that much.  This oversized top is going to get layered over a couple of long, sleeved tees.  Perhaps I'll pair it with a pair of high-waisted pants, or a skirt.

Ear bling, 50 cents a pair.

Banana Republic, $3
Long, waterfall cardi in a mauvy shade of purple.  Made of fine, Italian, merio wool. 

Long sleeved, lacy tee

I think I paid about $3 for this tee-shirt.  It'll get layered over a couple of long-sleeved tee, or layered under a vest or sweater.

Floral print sweater, $5

A sweater to layer under a cardi, or over a shirt.

Turtleneck tunic $4
This tunic was a steal.  It is a vintage Linda Lundstrum, make of warm wool and acrylic.  I can wear it as a tunic over leggings.  I love the pattern!!!

Lambswool cardi, $5
I seriously debated about getting this long cardigan.  It's made of the softest lambswool, by IB Diffusion (a fab, quality label from the 1980s).  I put it back on the rack because I already have 4 long, beige cardigans.  While my purchases were being rung up, I went back for it.  I lloooooovvve the shaggy collar and cuffs!!

Silk blouse $4

This silk blouse has a nice length to it.  Long enough that drafts won't go whistling up my torso.  Plus silk is a great material for keeping warmth close to my body.   Hey, these considerations are important.  Winter is all about staying warm people!!

I like clogs since I can slliiiiddde into them without bending down to do up buckles, laces etc.  I like Clarke's clogs in particular.  They are quality items that look fab.  They are also pricey.

Witness this shoebox with the pricetag of $130.  I bought these shoes on sale for $89.

I bought this pair of Clarke's for $6.50.  They were brand, spankin' new!!

Aldo scarf, $1.50

Last but not least, a long cotton scarf with a cute needle-point, floral print.

Stay warm everyone.

happy thrifting.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

4 Shorts in 6 months

Old Man Winter has made an early appearance this year. He held a party a few nights ago with lots of snow and gusty winds.  All that blowing snow made it tough to see.

Driving home was an interesting challenge as the snow covered the lane markers.  Shovelling out my driveway was even more interesting as the wind swept the snow I shovelled back into my face. 

What else does chilly weather bring?  Why great bargoons on summer clothing of course!

Witness these four pair of shorts, recently purchased at Old Navy for less than $2 each.

 I won't be able to wear them for another 6 months.  So I packed them away until spring.  Before I packed them away, I put together a thrifty outfit.  

The pink lacy sweater was about $4 at a 50% off sale.  The shorts were about $2.  The moccasins were $3.  This thrifty outfit costs less than $10!!!

I know that when warmer weather rolls around, I'll be dying to bare my legs.  There is nothing sweeter than feeling a breeze against legs that have been encased in thermal tights all winter.

Behold my next thrifty outfit. 

Lace dress, NWT (thrifted for about $5)
American Eagle cowboy shirt (thrifted for about $4)
Long Liz Claiborne cardi (thrifted for about $5)
Leather ankle boots (thrifted for about $6)
Blue beaded necklace (clearance for $5)

This outfit comes to $25.  Because of our capricious spring weather, long warm layers such as this cardigan, as still necessary.

Stay warm everyone!!

happy thrifting.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Up a hot fudge sundae

I recently toyed with the thrift gods and lost.

Here is my story, gentle reader.

Yesterday after work I popped by Value Village.  This is the same Value Village where I had previously found my fabulous Pendleton hobo bag for a mere $15 plus taxes.  As I scanned the racks of purses, my eye fell on a beige beauty, tucked in amongst other purses.  I caught my breath as I saw the beaver logo.  Could it be?  It was!!  A genuine suede Roots handbag with a cute tassel trim.  It was priced at $12.99.  I checked this bag inside and out and it was in immaculate, new condition.  

I took the bag to the cash register, where I saw the sign.  Tomorrow there was going to be a sale, everything would be 25% off.  I wrestled with myself internally.  Should I purchase the bag now?  I could gamble that it would be there tomorrow and save a few dollars.  I'm on a pretty tight budget, and a few dollars goes a loooong way.  So I decided to put the bag back.

This is what happened the next day.

I woke up to find a big dumping of snow.  I was late getting to work, so I didn't have time to park for free and walk 1/4 mile to work.  So I had to park in the parkade next to my work.  Parking is $4.25 (down $4.25).

Then I got to work, and started a usual, long grueling day of answering IT requests and fixing problems.

During the day, I mentally pictured my gorgeous handbag...would it still be there?

At the end of the day, I discovered that parking was free that day!!  Yay (up $4.25).

I zoomed off to Value Village and made a beeline to the purses.  I eyed up other shoppers near the purse area  to make sure they casually didn't spot my suede beauty.  Breathlessly I got to the purses and scanned the racks quickly. Sadly, my purse was gone.  Oh well, at least I didn't spend the money (up $10).

Then I went home.  I was famished and I was looking forward to the Montreal style, smoked meat sandwich I was going to have.  I had prepared the sandwich meat in advance, so all I had to do was pop it into the microwave, and then into my mouth.  When I got home, I discovered scraps of plastic on the ground, and my dog with this expression on her face.

Sugar, the wonderdog.

Turns out I had left the smoked meat on the counter in a baggie, and Sugar helped herself.  I'm sure she hesitated before devouring my dinner.  I'd like to think that she is a dog with high moral standards. Wow, am I delusional or what???  (Down a dinner)

I prepared myself to eat a bowl of canned soup, or go out and buy a fast food meal so that I'd have the energy to shovel the piles of snow in my driveway.

Hungry, and somewhat grumpy, I texted my boyfriend.  I told him what Sugar had done. He instantly replied inviting me over for dinner.  He had made a delicious crockpot roast and had more than enough leftovers after his brood ate dinner.

I went to his house and chowed down on dinner.  I also took a doggie bag home for the nefarious Sugar (up a dinner).

After my darling boyfriend came over and snowblowed the driveway (and showed me how to use the contraption).  He had to speed off to look after his brood.  I decided to treat myself to a hot fudge sundae at McD's (up a sundae).

And so gentle readers, this is what happens when you dance the dance of waiting for sales at the thrift stores.  Sometimes you win, and come home with a ridiculously inexpensive, quality item.  Sometimes you come home to a guilty dog.  Sometimes you end up with ice cream.

It's all good (dog).

happy thrifting.