Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Vintage Fire King temptation and thrifting karma

Random picture of a gorgeous, knee length, sheer, beaded top.  Sorry for the faded picture.

Beaded goodness!!

This beauty was a mere $8 at the Salv Army.  I was tempted to buy it, but it was wayyy to large.  I hope it finds a good home.  It was absolutely lovely.


Aha!  Another blingy ring!!

Kitty ring!!  This was part of an ebay haul.

Sometimes thrifting can yield too much of a good thing.  I have a modest, but well-loved collection of vintage Fire King cups and saucers.  I'm always on the lookout to find more.

On a recent visit to the Salv Ann, I found some amazingly mint-condition Fire King for pennies!!  The 3 Lustreware cups were a mere 49 cents each.  The 20 piece set of milk glass Fire King was a paltry $14.99.   It look liked these items were priced by someone who didn't know what they were doing, as vintage Fire King usually fetches a more money.  This put me in a conundrum, do I knowingly buy something that was drastically underpriced at a thrift store???


I carefully examined these pieces...I was particularly impressed by the milk glass pieces.  They looked like they had never been used!!  Nary a faded spot, or a scratch, or any other signs of wear!!!

After much thought I rolled my cart to manager and insisted that they reprice these pieces.  The manager agreed that they had been under-priced... and rolled them to the back to get re-priced.  Hah!  There was my good deed for the day.

I left the Salv Ann empty handed, and wandered over to Value Village, where I found some treasure!

Velvet jewelery case $4

Vintage display case, $10

Metal suitcase, $20

Both cases tucked away in my cart.

These cases will make a welcome addition to my house.  I am always on the lookout for functional pieces that will help me store my stuff.

A previous trip to Value Village yielded this vanity case (I love me some vanity cases!!!).

Jetliner...made in Canada!!
This grey lovely was $5 at Value Village.  I'd love to find a few more.

I plan to put these items to good use in my house - they'll be use to store clothing and other bits and pieces.  Pics will follow when I get a chance to take some.

happy thrifting :)