Saturday, 11 April 2015

My pants were half off!!

Hello friends!!  For the first time in 2015, we experienced temperatures in the double digits (without a negative in front)!! That's right it was a balmy 16 degrees Celcius here in Northwestern Ontario.  The strange thing is that there are still banks of snow sculking about in the shadows.  But rest assured snow, your days are DONE!!  Well, at least until the next snow storm, which let's face it, could happen next week.

Meanwhile, here are some pics that I took last month. It's another thrift haul from the Salv Army. They've been killing it lately with amazing sales.  The pants were 50% off, and I scored.  The nice thing is that this was a weekday sale, and I got to shop in an uncrowded store. It's nice to leisurely peruse the aisles without constantly bumping into people.

Banana Republic flares

Ann Taylor lined dress pants

Wierd label, wide leg pants

Vintage, mint condition lime-green pants!

Whew! I totally scored with the pants.  I'm really loving wide legs and flares lately - so these pants were a great find. They varied in price from $2 to $8 each. It always pays to try stuff on, as the Ann Taylor pair were a size 4, and I am definitely not (nor will I ever be) a size 4. But after eye-balling them I tried them on, and lo and behold they fit! Huzzah!

Due to recent donations I made to the Salv, I had in my possession a coupon for $10 off a $25 sale.  Witness what I used the coupon for.

Old school black and gold Adidas.

Crisp Jones New York dress shirt.

Open-knit American Eagle sweater.

SQUEE!! More powder blue!

Le Chateau flowy t-shirt

Aha! Fur collar - I always wanted one of these!!

Nicely made bling, Monet and another great label.

Well, my closet is now full to the bursting, and I must purge some more.  I've decided that since I have everything I need (and more!), I cannot go shopping again until September. So far it's been a couple of weeks - and I've resisted a few sales, but I'm holding firm.

happy thrifting ;)