Saturday, 20 May 2017

Door rehab.

I've been filling in holes and gouges.  That is the first stage of rehabilitation at the door hospital.

I'm fixing a stack of doors.

Literally, a stack.

Before applying filler.

After filler application.

I vow, I will never, ever, take a smooth, nicely-painted door for granted again.

The good news about repairing doors, is that I get to make Pinteresty improvements.

Measure twice.

Measure a rectangle, score the lines, mark with painter tape, and apply two coats of blackboard paint.

Ugh, I hate paint bleeds!

Stay tuned for more door rehab!

happy thrifting ;)

The Kitten Bride, Spanish Garden and other Treasures

Two weeks ago I took a breather away from the renovation at the lodging house. My head was achy, and I've been a tad feverish. So I took the afternoon off and had a nap (best afternoon ever!). Later I popped to the chazzas to see what could be had.

I headed to housewares.

Advertising mugs.

Kitten bride.

Souvenir dish.

Crystal decanter with rhinestones.

Hello! What is that I spy?

Woo-hoo!  Nothing is sweeter than finding more bits to my Spanish Garden Midwinter collection!!

These plates came home with me for $1 each.

I already own a Spanish Garden sugar bowl. It holds my make-up remover pads.

Mod martini glasses.  They didn't come home with me.

This jewelery did!  I can hardly wait to crack out my pretty dresses so that I can pile the jewelery on!

Dangly earrings, vintage thermoset necklace, statement necklace.

Back to the grind!

happy thrifting ;)

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

3 month renovation check-in

Hello friends! Welcome to the 3 month check in.

In mid-February the renovations at the lodging house began in earnest..we began removing old, battered drywall.

Later, new materials arrived.

New drywall and insulation!

New windows!!

New switch plate covers!!

This is what $600 worth of GFI electrical outlets look like.


Lots of new materials are going into the renovation, which means that lots of old stuff is coming out!!

Like this cast iron bathtub (it weighs about 300 pounds).

And these old windows.

And lots of garbage!!

I feel like this post (and the renovation) should be sponsored by caffeinated beverages from McDonald's.

I'm saving these bits of drywall, and insulation. They'll be used for small repair jobs later.

We removed a lot of scrap metal.

Jackpot! I found a great deal on curtain rods at our Habitat for Humanity!  They are still in the box!!

We removed a LOT of old appliances from the building.  Some of the collection is outside, waiting to be picked up.  I used to refer to the building as the "dead appliance museum".

Have a cuppa on me everyone!

happy thrifting ;)