Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Thrifted OOTD and random flower pots and things

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday!!

Well I'm happy to report that we've transitioned to Stage 4 of Spring here in Northwestern Ontario.  This means I'm at the "don't wear skirts that will fly over head in gusty winds" sartorial stage. 

I'm experiencing pangs of regret over a few things that were purged during my spring clean.

This is one of the things that I had gotten rid of.  It was an old parka, but it still had a lot of wear in it. 

My trusty parka.

It was a tough item to get rid of because I thought I'd need it again in the future.  But I hadn't worn it in a few years, and I was determined to only keep things that I wear.  

Hey, check out my garden purchases!  I bought these plants a few weeks ago.  I haven't planted them yet because the weather occasionally dips below freezing.  On cold days I bring them inside.

Cherry tomatoes!!  We've already picked seven ripe tomatoes!!

My stepsons said that this strawberry was shaped like a bum.

It was delicious!!

You know when you find something coolio in a thrift store? Then you put it in your cart.  Then you are surrounded by envious people who immediately compliment it?  They wish they had grabbed it first.  I called this "thrifter envy". Witness my $10 wrought-iron, planter. It's going to hold the strawberries.

What a thrifty find!!  Three heavy-duty flower pots for $15.

Yes, you can find nice shoes in thrift stores!

Clarks strappy heels for $10!!

Never worn!!

This outfit is mostly thrifted. 

Shopping at Value Village, woo-hoo!!

Loft jean jacket (outlet, $30), Banana Republic t-shirt (thrifted, about $3), vintage drop-waist skirt (thrifted about $3), Birks (ancient).

Liz Claiborne silk scarf (thrifted $3), necklace (thrifted, $3).

I purchased this linen jacket (Liz Claiborne, $10), a whole whack of fabric, a bottle of perfume and some jewelery from Value Village.

Am I focused or what?

I wandered into a nearby Salv Army, and found this delicious lovely.

Hello vintage Hawaii!

Sadly this dress is nowhere close to fitting me.  I washed and dried it and I'm hoping to get some kind of DIY inspiration.

I kept perusing the rack, and I found another, larger dress. This one has the same lovely bodice, but it's a maxi dress.

Oooh! Its made from barkcloth!!

I tried it on, and instantly felt like a Polynesian princess. Sadly I couldn't get the zip up, so this is another dress I can't wear.  I love the way the bodice fits - I could salvage material from the skirt to add more material to the back.  Or I could make this into a maxi skirt.  One thing is for sure, these dresses are not leaving my possession.  I absolutely love the hibiscus print and bright colors.

The helpful whippersnapper behind the cash register saw the blue dress and informed me that there was a matching men's shirt.  Be still my beating heart.  I calmly asked where it was, and he was kind enough to nip off and get it.  

It fit perfectly!!!

Closeup of the selvage.

Here are some knick knacks that caught my eye.  I spent $4 on each item.

The Tiki vase came home with me.

Seashell teapot, made in Japan.

This seashell teapot was tempting. But I left it behind.

This teapot did come home with me.  It's only a few inches tall.  Judging from the crazing and discoloration inside, it was actually used to brew tea.  I was enchanted with the idea that this small teapot was used to brew a cuppa or two at a time

Then I wandered over to the craft section. Jackpot!!

These vintage zippers came home with me for 50 cents each.  The zipper pulls definitely look different than modern zippers.

I found not one, but THREE, red Pyrex bowls!!  I bought the best-looking one.  It cost $5.

Glossy red finish!!

I carefully washed it (no dishwasher for this bowl!!) and now it's on display with the rest of my Pyrex and FireKing. Hopefully I can reunite it with the rest of the set.

Apples and Pears. This oversized rayon shirt is too short for a dress.  It was about $3.  

I have a confession to make, this shirt was in my purge pile - but at the last minute I hung onto it.

I think it looks FAB over a t-shirt and shorts.

happy thrifting ;)

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Too much!! Sping clean fling

There comes a time when a seasoned thrift shopper, eyes their overflowing closet, their packed drawers (hee, hee) and various piles of clothing and comes to the conclusion that it's time for a spring clean.

Mind you, it's not exactly springy weather here in Northwestern Ontario.  We are experiencing stage 3 of Spring. Which means we alternate between stunning, sunny, bare leg days and blustery, light snow or sleet.

This is my dog Sugar.

She is enjoying the springy smells.
Dressing for our climate requires the Weather app, and an uncanny ability to predict what you might be in the mood for in a week. A typical day involves layers, that are added or removed as the temperature and precipitation dictate.  Of course this means that I need a LOT of clothes. I mean, heck, if you have to wear 6 or 7 articles of clothing at once, you need to have variety...am I right?  Just nod yes.

Nod 'yes' Sugar!! Cmon, nod 'yes'!!

Ideally I'd have a large closet, and I mean a really LARGE closet. One that would resemble something from Clueless, with one of those drycleaner-like, conveyor belts. Unfortunately that isn't the case. I have a normal sized closet. But I am happy to report that I am able to store a whole whack of Rubbermaid totes, full of clothing, in my garage. 

Still there are problems.  I have a LOT of totes - filled with lots fabulous clothing.  And because I have been hitting too many thrift store sales, the amount of clothing I have is out of control.  So I've spent the last week purging my collection. It's not easy to weed through clothing - but I gave myself the goal of getting rid of a third of my hoard collection.  

A third has to go!! Just not the leopard print skirt :)

After a few days of weeding I've become remarkably ruthless. Plus I've been labelling the totes with descriptive labels such as, "floaty dresses", "wool blazer, including fabulous powder blue skirt set", or "thermal underwear and really warm fleece sweatshirts".   This means that if the capricious, bastard weather gods decide to favor us sun-starved, northerners with sunshine, I can pop into my garage and pull out a tote labelled, "floaty dresses".  If the weather forecast calls for 50 km/hour gusty winds, then I can pop into my garage and pull out a tote labelled "skirts that won't fly over my head in the wind".  Ahhhh, being organized is bliss, innit?

happy thrifting ;)