Sunday, 23 August 2015

Family vacation, Chicago edition

Hello friends! Our family threw caution in the face of the horrible US/Canada exchange rate and we went to Chicago.  It was quite the trip.  It was our first blended family trip, and the first time any of us had been to Chicago.

We experienced a bunch of firsts during this trip.

But before I get to that, may I present vintage Griswolds. 

Here is a pic of the ThriftyParka version.

Wrigley Field baby!!

And here is a dashboard pic from our trip.  We are driving to the Field Museum.  

Chicago has quite the majestic skyline.  The kids oohed and ahhed as the tall skyscrapers appeared.

Then something interesting happened.

My darling boyfriend observed that most of the Chicagoan motorcyclists were not wearing helmets...with the exception of these Outlaws.

First time a motorcycle gang was commended for being safety conscious. CHECK.

Eventually we made our way to the Field Museum.  It was spectacular.  We saw Sue the T-Rex,

photo from Field Museum website

watched an IMAX movie about the Galapagos Islands, visited the dinosaur exhibit, saw a mummy and ate some delicious food at the museum cafe.  

Us girls squeezed in a quick pass through the Grainger Hall of Gems while the boys ran outside to rent bicycles and explore.

My youngest daughter and I bonded over the topaz display. It's our common birthstone. 

Photo © 2008 The Field Museum, Geo86518_0755Ad
One of many gems on display from the 1893 World’s Columbian exposition is this 16.6-carat golden topaz.
Sadly eldest daughter wasn't on this trip, so she missed seeing her birthstone.

Photo © 2008 The Field Museum, GEO86518_0208Ad
A ruby crystal on white marble from the Yen Bai Province in Vietnam.

Turquoise is one of my favorite gems, the Grainger Hall had a bunch of those too.

My daughter and I really enjoyed the Grainger Hall, I highly recommend it to any bloggers out there.  

We were supposed to see Kid Rock that night at Tinley Park, but he cancelled, oh well.

The next day we wandered over to Lake Michigan and went for a dip.  It was our first time in this great lake. CHECK.

That's me wading out. The water's beautiful and clear!!

That night was our first ball game at Wrigley Field. CHECK. 

Eventually I'd like to visit all baseball stadiums in North America.

The seats ahead of us were empty, so the kids and boyfriend moved up a row. I stayed behind to snap pics and people watch.

Huzzah! I mastered the panoramic setting on my iPhone, CHECK.

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous.

This wasn't the most frugal trip we took - we overspent but sometimes you have to bite the onion and charge it!!  We made some great memories AND we got to spend quality time with the kids.  

Plus, on the way back we spent the night at hotel in Duluth. Now it wasn't my first time in Duluth, MN.  But it was my first time swimming in a stainless steel pool.

First time ThriftyParka felt like she was an entree in a buffet table, CHECK.

Back to school is just around the corner. The weather is a little crisper. Soon we'll be bidding adieu to summer and welcoming autumn.  So how did YOU spend your summer, hmmm?  Do tell.

happy thrifting ;)