Wednesday, 6 November 2013


It was a dark and stormy night.  I ducked into one of the 2 Salvation Army stores in my city.  It had been a long, hard day at work, and I was looking forward to mindlessly browsing through racks of clothing.

Part of the ladies section

Another part of the ladies section.

Ladies jeans
Hey, what's that sign in the distance???

Pinch me.

OMG, a 99 cent event...are you kidding me???  Guess where I'll be on November the 8th??

This is the second such sale where Sally Anne priced certain types of clothing at a low, fixed price.  Last month it was $2 for blouses, dress pants etc.  and I came home with 20 items.  

I think that the Salvation Army thrift stores in my town are really stepping up their game.  They are competing against Value Village (whose prices are too high).  I hope that these once a month clearances continue!!

I only have limited time on November the 8th.  So I scoped out both of the Sallys in my city.  I found about 6 blouses that I loved at one location, and a gorgeous velvet maxi skirt at the other.

I hope to shop at one Salvation Army during my lunch break from work.  And I will shop at the other Salvation Army after work.  I hope the things I like are still there (crossing fingers).

How low do your chazzas go?  Do you deliberately hold off buying stuff that you want, so that you can get it ridiculously cheap?  Do tell.

Happy thrifting.

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  1. Our chazzas are pretty cheap to start off with. If I love something I'll always buy it.
    There's a 6 for a £1 shelf for the bric-a-brac , which at less than 20p an item is pretty good! x