Saturday, 30 November 2013

1000 page views!!!

Freeow!!  This ThriftyParka blog has just passed a thousand page views!!  I'm seriously chuffed that there are so many visits from all of my fans (you guys are awesome!).  Thanks for dropping by.

Well, the weather here is making dressing nicely  a challenge.  I have a quarter mile hike from where I park, to where I work, so flimsy clothing is out of the question.  I wear layers, good thick footwear, and a hat and gloves.  Once I dig up my warm tights and knee socks, I can start wearing my wool, maxi skirts.

Here is my outfit de jour.  Yes, I am in a bathroom...this blog is all about CLASS people  :)

I'm wearing a Banana Republic tunic with a medallion print ($6), thick navy designer jeans ($2), mustard necklace (Bianca Nygard clearance $5), teal cardi ($6).  

With the exception of the necklace, this outfit was thrifted.  Everything came to less than $20.

I'm also wearing my puffy, green anorak (sale $90), and my fab Pendleton purse (thrifted $15) 

I like how black, navy and teal look together.  I even got a compliment from one of the gents in my office.

Interesting note about dressing for cold weather.  I can't wear skinny trousers every day.  It's just too darn cold for that, I would get chilled.   The jeans I'm wearing (they look like dress trousers) are high-waisted and a size too large.  They still look good, but they are roomy in the thigh and hip. This is the kind of trouser you want if you are walking in the cold.  The extra room traps a bit of warm air, and it acts as insulation as you walk through the icy, blasts of winter air.

Some nights after work, I may head to my boyfriend's house, I may head to the gym, or I may go thrift shopping. A few nights ago I decided to thrift.  I deliberately went with a small budget in mind ($5) as I had been spendy as of late.  

Here is what I found for $3.  A gorgeous, vintage beaded bag in MINT condition!!  This came home with me.

I was tempted by this deadstock, vintage clutch.  It was made of vinyl and cordouroy material.

Isn't this full-length suede and faur-fur lined coat gorgeous? A bit expensive at $50, but well worth it if you have to spend time outside in the cold.  They don't make them like this anymore, it's a vintage item that was made in Canada.

I love vintage Johnson Brothers pottery.  Sadly this platter had a crack with discoloration (see the edge).

Oooh, what's this I spy?  It's a plastic tote full of sewing goodies. It was tempting, but I passed it up.  

Thrift stores are great places to find sewing supplies and fabric.  Ya just gotta keep your eyes peeled!!

10 for all of this!!!!

I love needlepoint.  I wish I could find a needlepoint, granny purse. 

Love this purse!!!

Hee, hee, hee...this stuff is kinda funny.

I really liked these boots, but they were seriously overpriced at $50!!!!

Loved this studded purse!!  I kinda regret not getting it, but it wasn't in the budget.  I hope it finds a good home.

Look, the purse it talking to me!!  :)

Deliberately tacky purse with drinking aviary.

Holy Toledo!!  Giant cutlery!!  I seriously regretted leaving this behind.  Check out the giant spoon and soup ladle in the background.

Thanks for dropping by.

happy thrifting.

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