Saturday, 30 November 2013

Wooden bed, why patience is a virtue.

I spied this wooden bed in the donation pile at the Salv.  It has just been donated, and it was waiting for the workers to bring it to the back for pricing.

I found the manager, gave her my name and number and mentioned I was interested in buying it.

She called a few days later, and told me I was welcome to come by and purchase the bed.  She was very gracious and let me have first dibs.  Sadly, the price they were asking ($80), was much too high, so I declined, and this beauty went onto the sales floor.

I waited a week.  The price went down by 25%.
I waited another week.  The price went down another 25%.  And so I snapped it up for $40.

I'm thinking I'll sand it down and paint it white, or a pastel color.  I think it will become a daybed.


happy thrifting.

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