Saturday, 30 November 2013

summer travel, winter getaway, office professional, vintage rope and kissing doves

Have you ever watched an episode of a TV show that is largely comprised of past footage?  Well, as a blogger, I figured waste not, want not and I scraped up some pics that were left over on my camera from this summer.  Impressed much?  :)

Behold my summer thrift store haul.

I took this picture the day before I left for Labour Day in Minneapolis.  I really wanted something new for my trip, but I wasn't going to pay retail for new clothing.  Enter the Sally Ann!!

GAP cami, RW sweater, Jones New York cardi

I like to categorize my clothes, it helps me keep tabs on what I have, what I need, and what I don't need.  The pretty GAP cami had a grey floral print..perfect for layering under tanks.  That is what I call summer travel.  The RW sweater was lightweight, with 3/4 length sleeves and a pretty neckline...perfect for long car rides.  Another summer travel.  The Jones cardi was a thick cotton knit, perfect for office professional.  I bought all three items for about $6 each.

4 pairs of capris, Reitmans, Nygard, Jacob and American Eagle
Wow, I love finding brand names for pennies!!!  I bought all 4 of these capris.  Because Salv was having a BOGO offer on capris, I saved mucho dinero (yes, I speak pigeon that CLASS or WHAT???).  These lovlies rang in at about $3 each.  I reckon they would have retailed for about $25 each.  My hypothetical savings were $84 plus taxes.  I took the black Reitmans pair, and the American Eagle pair for the road trip.  The American Eagle capris were a baggy, cargo style.  The material was ultra-lightweight.  Perfect for the hot, hot weather we experienced at the Minnesota State Fair.  The white capris were made from a gorgeous, floral eyelet material...perfect for the office, or a night out.  The beige Jacob pair are what I call office professional.

Pink long T, wool cardi, 2 sleeveless tops
The pink, long-sleeved t-shirt was really nice quality.  It jumped out at me when I was perusing the racks.  Some clever clogs had snipped out the label, which told me that this item may have come from an outlet.  However on closer inspection I found an embroidered manufacturer's mark..Esprit!!  One of my favs!!  Summer travel.

The flowered cardi was gorgeous..I love yellow, grey, black and white.  It was made of lightweight wool, by J Crew...SCORE office professional!!

The first sleeveless top was a Sears label I think.  I forget whether I purchased it.  The second sleeveless top was a gorgeous, silk J Crew item.  Sadly it was too small, it got left behind.

Vintage rope, daisies and geometric prints
"What did Cinderalla say at the photomat?", "Someday my prints will come!", yuk, yuk, yuk.  Thanks for the laughs ladies and gents, try the veal.

These print tops range from rope, to daisies to geometric prints.

Seriously, this vintage rope print blouse is. The. Best. Thing. Ever.  Circa 1980s, it was manufactured by some hoighty-toighty label.  The colors are orange, oxblod and gold.  I lurrrrve the rope print!!!

I had seen this blouse on an earlier foray into Salv, and I couldn't stop thinking that for $6, this blouse would make a great statement piece.  I pictured it with olive slim pants and a pufffy vest.  When I went back to get it, I found the BOGO sale on capris, so that was particularly auspicious.

Mister Leonard.  Hoighty much?

Love the rope!!

These is a sad story behind these three tops.  I purchased the light blue one, and the Zara leopard print top.  I took them home, and accidentally spilled bleach on them when I washed them.  They are now in my DIY/makeover pile.

I didn't buy the middle, peasant blouse.  I looked like an ox in it.

RIP Zara.

Oooh, what do we have here?

White vintage top, kissing doves, and berry shirt.
 I love finding 1980s vintage in stores.  Sometimes the quality is shockingly superior to the dreck being sold in fast-fashion stores today.  Sadly the white top was far too small. Next!!

The berry colored top on the right was a crisp, well-made shirt, perfect for  summer travel and office professional.

The top in the middle is a long, sleeved shirt.  Made of cotton and silk by JC Penny.  Here is a closeup of the print.

Kissing doves!!
I. Love. This. Shirt.  It has made an appearance at the office, and whilst running errands on Saturday.  Love.  Whoever thought of this pattern is seriously brilliant.

It's never too early to think about winter getaways.

The lilac top on the left came home with me.  It was part of the bundle that I wrecked with bleach.  Sigh.

The dark burgundy shirt came home with me too.  It's Office Professional, annnnd wrinkle resistant!!  Yesss!!!

The flowy oversized top with medallions is really a plus sized top. I'm going to call it a bathing suit cover up.  This top is already packed in my "Winter Getaway" bag.  I'm gonna be READY when I getaway sometime in 2016 :)

happy thrifting.

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