Saturday, 30 November 2013

New do, free groceries and 2 mocassins

Winter has arrived in all of it's icy cold glory.  The temperature where I live has already dipped down to -20 degrees Celcius....Brrrr!!  The icy, north winds have left me jonesing for cuddly cashmere sweaters, flannel shirts, cosy wooly socks and moccasins.

An hour ago, I popped into a thrift store.  Most thrifty blogs will encourage you to thrift during the week as that's when most of the merchandise is put on the floor.  Well, I happened to find a cart of merchandise that was just being put out.  It was a cart of shoes, where I found 2 pairs of moccasins.  They are almost NEW!  I only see a bit of dirt smudges on the soles.  Do I buy second hand footwear in this condition?  YES PLEASE!!

Footwear goodness!!

The grey pair are made of synthetic material.  The brown moccasins were made from buckskin with some beading.  They may be handmade as I don't see a label.


Here is a picture of me wearing the Nordic sweater I found in "when bad thrift stores go good".  I styled this sweater with turquoise jeggings and my brown, puffy coat.  

Oh, and I just got my hair cut. I have a fabulous hairstylist. To save money I only see him 3 or 4 times a year.  He's very good, his cuts are easy to style, and they stay looking good as my hair grows out.

Last but not least, I popped into Shoppers Drug Mart to see if they had anything I needed on sale.  Normally I don't shop at Shoppers as they are expensive.  But occasionally they have killers sales and promotions.  Today I lucked out, and I stocked up on sale items.  Plus I got everything for $30 since I redeemed 50,000 Optimum points, and took advantage of a $20 extra worth of free merchandise. At the end of the day, I got $150 dollars worth of merchandise for $30 (most of which was taxes).  No it's not Extreme Couponing, but it's pretty darn good.

What sale items did I stock up on?  Bottled water (it's good to have if the power goes out), frozen food (perfect after I've worked 12 hours and I'm only feeding myself), Qtips (great for applying makeup), fem hygiene, home wax kits (wayyy cheaper than going to the esthetician), chocolate and road salt to melt the stubborn snow left after I shovel my driveway.

I'm off to watch an episode of Lost (5 episodes left!), then quick snack, unload car, walk dog and shovel.  Cheerio!!

happy thrifting.

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