Sunday, 24 November 2013

Massive thrift store clothing haul

Have you ever had one of those dreams, where you are trapped inside a candy store and everything is calorie free?

Well, there have been not one, but two, 50% off sales that I attended.  Before I show you what I got, let me show you what I (somewhat reluctantly) left behind.

These ceramic bookends were wayyy to light to be practical.  Still, these poodles were sitting up and begging to come home with me.  But I walked away.

OMG!!  How did I live without this lamp?

I used a lot of willpower to walk away from these treasures. I have too much stuff as is, and I don't want to be a future participant/patient in Hoarders.  Sometimes ya gotta walk away.

I was severely tempted by this tribal pattern shirt...but you guessed it, I kept walking.

Here is what I walked home with.  A bevy of shirts, Anne Klein zebra print jacket, blanket skirt, printed skinnes and more...all for between $3 and $4.  The green shirt was NWT for $7.50.  

happy thrifting.

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