Sunday, 24 November 2013


I have no excuse for buying these items, except for some lame, winter doldrum, escapism excuse.

Behold gentle readers, this is what $25 (plus taxes) will buy you at Value Village.

  • My best friends are flakes sign, $3
  • vintage clock, $3
  • vintage Fireking relish tray, about $4
  • cloisonee teapot, about $3
  • china dish from England, $2
  • brooch with blue stone, $1
  • pearly earrings, $1
  • Two kitties from Peter Rabbit, $8

I was particularly thrilled to find the Peter Rabbit figurine so cheaply.  I collect these suckers.

I'm using the relish tray to organize my hair products in the bathroom.  It's doing a FAB job!!

happy thrifting.

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