Friday, 5 March 2021

I had a dream...jewelery bonanza haul.

 I had a was back in 1990. I was in my second year of university. I was relatively wealthy. I was working several part-time jobs, and slowly building up a respectable collection of jewelery.  Money was fairly disposable, as I was renting an apartment, and I didn't own a car. I remember coveting the fabulous Byzantine jewelery line by Vendome. Lavish broaches, bold necklaces and precious earrings...on the trademark Vendome blue-velvet cards. 

I remember the Vendome jewelery rack at our larger Shoppers Drug Mart. I would go there every week to salivate over the opulent baubles.  Whenever I got a raise, that was my go-to shop to buy a new piece. The jewelery started at $25, which was a good chunk of my day's wages, and represented half of my weekly food budget. I remember plunking down my money and happily living off of cereal for a days, it was worth it to own a piece of this jewelery. Fast forward to 1995..and large gaudy jewelery was being replaced by sleek and minimal jewelery.  I remember walking through our mall, and being immediately distracted by Vendome jewelery on clearance....there were bins of it...hundreds of earrings, on the distinctive velvet cards. Reduced to $8.


I bought 2 pairs of earrings. And now, when I look on eBay, I see these earrings going for upwards of $40 a pair. I wish I could go back in time to scoop up all the jewelery as some sort of long term, investment scheme. Haha!

Today I was in sore need of a work break. As luck would have it, the local Salvation Army thrift was open, and so I nipped in and browsed happily.  I walked over to the jewelery cases, as last year I was lucky enough to scoop a Byzantine Vendome earring and broach set for $3 (insert shrieking noise here).

Well, I didn't find a earring and broach set...I found this.


(insert the sound of music playing as I started running in slow motion)

Some fancy jools.

Someone must have cleaned out their jewelery box. And as luck would have it, the entire lot was for sale for a very reasonable price (therefore I am not eatting cereal).

I don't need this jewelery, but I didn't hesitate to fork over my money. This type of haul keeps my endorphins high for weeks. I spent the last hour oohing and aahing at myself in the mirror. These earrings instantly add glamour and mystery to any outfit. If Sex and the City has taught us anything, it's that a beautiful piece of jewelery elevates even the most mundane clothing.

I was very happy to discover some vintage jewelery brands that I had never heard of before (thank you Etsy for being so informative).

Let me show you what I found.

My beloved Vendome. You can just make out the trademark "V"

The broach was unmarked, and it isn't the same quality as the Vendome. But it will do as a set. It's quite pretty, and I do not have any jewelery with tangerine marbled stones.

This blue set is soooo pretty! Art glass, aurora borealis rhinestones and blue crystals. I'm OBSESSED!!

This set is unmarked.  As a former ebayer, I'm confident I could flip it for the price I paid for the whole haul. But I plan to keep it and wear it lots!!

Karu Arke Inc. Emerald Green circular broach with matching earrings.  I"m not certain, but I"m pretty sure when I clipped these earrings on that I went back in time. I became a sultry vixen, in a form-fitting satin gown, with elbow length opera gloves and pancake makeup to die for. Then I blinked and I was me again...pony-tail, no makeup and an oversized men's sweater.

Another mis-matched set. I had to squint hard at the earrings to read the maker. It was John Lewis California. Blimey! Someone's granny had good taste in jewelery!

Thank goodness for the zoom feature on the iPhone. No need for a magnifying glass to read tiny writing anymore!

This set was easy to read. It's a Weiss fuschia pink rhinestone set. Pretty!

Another mismatched set. The earrings are Coro, and the exquisite broach is unmarked. It's GORGEOUS!!!

The crystal is heavy with sparkly, leaded facets. No hint of aurora borealis finish, so it's likely from the post-war era. It's sooo pretty and the crystals are pristine and clear, like the perfect winter ice. This will be gracing the neck of a white button-up in the near future.

I also found some fabulous china on this trip. I"ll show it to you next time, after I have setup my new (new to me!) cabinet!!

Until next time,

happy thrifting ;)


  1. What an amazing haul! You can bet I would have snapped these up too. I think the blue set is my favourite. Just wow! xxx

  2. Thanks Ann! I will wear it in your honour! I love this set and the rest of the jewelry. I can’t stop peeking into my jewellery cabinet.

  3. Wouldn't you love to know about the person who donated all that jewellery? What a haul. x

  4. Fantastic! I have that Weiss brooch-now that I know there are earrings, I'll have to keep an eye out.
    My 80s-paycheck drain was Carolee, so I absolutely understand!