Monday, 1 March 2021

The last February thrift trip!

Good morning friends! Whew, after a week or so of balmy temperatures...the mercury has dipped to -26 Celcius again. It's cold and blustery, but later on I will bundle up for a walk before I start work. I am working from home, and I am getting alarmed at the amount of time I spend glued to a monitor. So I am forcing myself back into my walking regimen. 3km in the morning, and a longer 5 km on the weekend.

Remember the plague of garbage that Vix experienced? I collect my share of garbage too. And sometimes litterbugs are kind enough to throw away something useable. Here are 3 reusable shopping totes. After quarantine, and a good soak in dishwashing detergent, they are good as new. Here they are draining in my bathtub. 

Throwing litter on the streets and on people's property is a terrible thing. I used to suffer a plague of litter at my flophouse. It wasn't uncommon to find McD wrappers (it's everywhere!), empty liquor containers, cigarette butts etc. Since I have erected a fence, the garbage hasn't stopped! The dirty blighters drop their garbage in the gap between my fence and an adjacent low wall. They sit on the wall to enjoy their snacks and smokes, and then leave their garbage behind. I guess I'll have to install spikes next.

I come from a long line of garbage pickers. I hate it when things are wasted. I remember visiting my mom's parents in Turkey. It was the seventies. And I remember leaning out of my grandmother's salon window to watch the pedestrians and the odd horse-drawn wagon along the cobblestone street below. The street was narrow and always immaculately swept by local labourers. I remember watching an elderly gentlemen going for a stroll when he stopped suddenly, stooped down, and picked up a 8" length of discarded cord. He thriftily coiled it up and tucked it into a pocket. He resumed his stroll. Waste not, want not. Sadly the last time I visited Turkey, there was McD and Starbucks everywhere..and a lot of garbage.

I hope that we don't get buried in McD wrappers. 

Onto my last February thrift.

 Our Covid cases have increased dramatically. And pent up from staying inside so much,  I went on a spree. I visited a Salvation Army, Value Village, and a sewist shop.

Here is my new white serving dish. I use it for flowers.

Thrifted white tray holding my new plants. Tablecloth, Pyrex fridgie, condiment set and tray are all thrifted. Dining table and chair purchased second hand or thrifted. 

I purchased this dish at Salvation Army. I think it was meant to hold an assortment of ors d'oeuvres. I already had one that I use to hold necessary clutter on my kitchen counter. I like it because it corrals the small bits and pieces.

A local sewist shop is going out of business.  It's a sad day when we loose another small business. I stopped in to purchase some ribbon and zippers (I bought lots!). I chatted with the proprietor, who is a hard-working independant woman. Sadly she is another victim of mass consumerism. When Covid appeared she sewed masks and seemed to prosper. But then mass produced masks became available and her business declined.  She decided to sell everything and move away. 

The ribbon will be used to mend a thrifted cardigan.

My shopping didn't end there. The Salvation Army store had more kitchen treasures. 

I already have the dinner plates in this dish set. I remember buying them when my youngest was a baby. I dithered over this set, which is complete with lunch plates and 4 mugs and saucers. I couldn't leave them behind.   On a nostalgia trip, I also bought the avacodo Pyrex dish. 

I absolutely love the designs!

This little white dish is nothing particularly special. But I have a small collection of blue plates, and I think this will be a nice addition. I plan to display them on a wall.

The Salvation Army was having a 50% off sale on jackets and winter outerwear. Because as soon as the temperature starts to spike, people want to buy spring clothing.

I snapped up this wool plaid jacket. It looks very pretty on! Lately I have been inspired by plaids and oversized althleisure. I've been watching YouTube vidoes for a South Korean brand called Ader Error. I absolutely luuuurve how the pieces are mixed together. I am absolutely a fan of comfortable well-made clothing that you can travel in...and also swaddle yourself in for a quick nap on the bus.

I plan to pair this jacket with a knit maxi skirt, plaid boots and a touque. And lavish amounts of rhinestone jewelery!

After the Salvation Army thrift store, I nipped into Value Village.

I found something.

Vintage 80's men's shirt.

        I found this fabulous oversized silk shirt. I was a little shocked at the price! I remember that these shirts were always on special for $30. Nonetheless it came home with me. After quarantine, I tossed it in the drier at high heat, as a prevention against bed bugs. Then I washed it carefully. It's hanging to dry and I can hardly wait to wear it!!

A few other things jumped into my cart as well! Some large pieces of fabric...

....and this!!

This pristine top is another vintage find. Circa late 1980's  I plan to wear it with my new plaid jacket!

I didn't stop there. 

Federal Circus Mixing bowls

I had been eyeing the circus set of mixing bowls. They were posted for sale on our local marketplace. The price was high, but reasonable considering it was a complete set.  I spent a week thinking about the purchase. Then I checked and it was still available. I decided it was meant to be mine. I haggled a bit with the vendor and she was gracious enough to add this fridgie set.

Pyrex fridge set

I ended my spree with one last purchase. I moved into my house 8 years ago and I am still furnishing it. I found a second hand curio cabinet for $80!!! It was from a moving sale! I immediately snapped it up. When the quarantine is over, I will set it up, and get rid of the makeshift shelves that currently occupy it's place. Bliss!

 Happy thrifting everyone. I'm off for a quick walk before work.

Stay safe :)


  1. I'm glad those littering idiots left something useful behind, I live in hope. Your story of how rubbish was salavaged in Turkey and made into something useful is just like in India, it's so inspring to see.
    I love your Pause shirt, what a great print.
    I've got a friend who is really into vintage Pyrex, I bet she'd love yours! xxx

    1. Good morning Vix! Yes it is nice when litterbugs leave something behind that can be used. Mostly it isn't though. I am glad to have these shopping bags! They are in excellent condition..I saved about $10 by using them and not buying new! Hurrrah!

  2. Oh how I hate littering! Ugh!
    You did well thrifting, though. I love the dish set and that vintage Pyrex is fabulous, and quite collectible to boot.
    The tartan jacket is gorgeous too! xxx

    1. OOh, thank you! I am looking forward to wearing it too! I have always loved plaid, tartan and checks! And I also love my vintage Pyrex. My Pyrex mixing bowls and casserole dishes are on frequent rotation when I bake and cook. I also use Pyrex fridgies to hold jewelery and other small items. They are so pretty!