Sunday, 21 February 2021

February Frugal Hacks part deux

 Hello friends! Today was a good day! It was warm enough to venture out in shirtsleeves...and after I finished work, I went thrifting!

Pliers, jump rings, earring studs and some little bits I stashed away 20 years ago...add a discarded gold chain...then add some seashell pendants from today's thrift haul.  It pays to know how to make jewelery, how to sew, how to knit or crochet etc. I keep a stash of jewelery making tools, beads, fabric, yarn..I have a mini warehouse of craft supplies. Some of it was free!


I am very pleased at how these turned out. I can hardly wait to wear my new seashell jewelery!

Here are some free and thrifted crafty items. Can you figure out what I made?

Spring's coming! 

happy thrifting ;)


  1. No thrifting for us - all non-essential shops in the UK have been closed since 30th December! Hooray for online shopping and yes, it pays to know how to repair things - I find loads of amazing things in need of a stitch! xxx

    1. haha! I love reading about your clothing repair! You strike me as someone who keeps her mending pile low and attends to repairs immediately! Not me, I am the queen of procrastination and sometimes repairs languish for weeks (shhhh! don't tell anyone).

  2. Love your seashell jewellery! Well done! While I don't know how to crochet or knit, and only have basic sewing skills, it's often a question of common sense when it comes to repairing or upcycling things. Plus, I have a handy husband at my command :-) xxx

  3. Excellent! If you and your handy husband want to visit (when Covid is over), I have a lot of projects we can work on :)